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  1. Good beautiful Day Sandi.:)
    The other day I could not get the tune ‘She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain’ out of my head! I had a dream the other night, I was looking through the Bible and found some cash I had placed there, I took the cash and it appeared again, I took it again and it appeared again….only double, this only increased until there were rolls of cash, and I mean hundred dollar bills coming out of my Bible!!!! Right after this dream i had another where I came across my wallet, I looked inside and sure enough the cash was gone. But I looked in the hidden compartment where I keep my tithe and praise God it was still there!! I was sitting with a man I suspected had taken the cash. I simply said to him that whoever took it must have needed it more than I. One thing I’ve avoided asking for is financial wealth. As a matter of fact I’ve asked that the Lord NOT give me financial wealth until ALL has been removed from me which would be a defilement, or an idol….because it most definitely was.
    He’s stripped me of everything. I’ve spent many years in this hot dry desert as a lady in waiting. As a matter of fact one of my most valued verses is psalms 27, I am still confident I will see the Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living. I will be strong and take heart and wait upon the Lord.
    God bless you my dear beautiful sister in Christ. He has used you mightily in my life, and I’m truly grateful!!
    God bless you Sandi!! :)

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