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  1. Dear Sandi,
    What an encouraging word! I love how the LORD guides us and continues to give us hope. This past week He has been having me post on HKP a bit differently. Today’s posting , The God of Jacob Is Our Refuge, was the second time in a week the Holy Spirit wanted me to do things differently. After I released what He wanted me to release, there was a feeling of peace that overcame me. There indeed is a transition occurring in the Body of Christ as well as in the earth. Praise God! Let everything we do be done in love, let everything in the past be in the past, and let us look forward to and embrace our calling He has for our lives, surrendering completely to Him, all for His Kingdom Glory!
    Much love, Gabrielle

    • Dear Gabrielle, Thank you thank you thank you for your transparent heart and wonderful confirmation. Yes. I agree HE is having us do things differently for sure and so very unexpected. He is actually stretching our call to encompass an expansion of our gift and focus.HE is giving us focus to produce deeper understanding and allowing it to be a tool not only for the writer but the one who receives the Kingdom vision and Kingdom equipping. You have helped me to put into words what I have been feeling. I now know that Angus has always operated in this gift as He and Jill create and manage but I realized the last time we talked that I am absorbing the manner and thinking pattern He has been demonstrating that has helped me beyond measure. He will be reading this but I just now GOT IT. God is so good. Much love to you! Sandi

    • Dear Success, You are so welcome!!! I so appreciate your input and agreement. I love your grateful heart. Many blessings, Sandi

  2. What a message, Sandi.
    Hope within Hope given by the God of all Hope!
    Loved: “Yes, the best is just ahead. These are the times spoken of in My Word as the last days — the best of times amidst the worst of times — as My Light shines in the darkness.” Love you sis. ❤️
    As my earliest spriritual father in the Lord used to often pray:
    “And now may Grace, Mercy and Peace attend our every thought and step in Jesus Name. Amen.”

    • And once again, Joyce, I love your heart and your agreement. You are truly a born encourager. May we thrive and survive the coming darkness and may His grace, mercy and peace be more than enough. Hugs! Sandi

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