Encounters — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, and thank Him for this timely Word. I’ve been waiting a very long time here in the Valley of Shadow’s.
    This Word confirms many things He’s spoken to me over the past years.
    I believe He’s trained up, in Fire and Flood, a people who He’s made to be a Transparent, Center Out Reflection of the Beautiful He is.
    There will be no worry, no fear, no competition, no offense, no striving…just a Pure, inside out release of His Kingdom Love into the earth…Rivers of Living Water, flowing from the Throne within our hearts…where Heaven Rules…Heaven Rules :D

  2. Explanation of angels.
    The “angels” are obedient servants of God who speaks only what they hear Him say. This means that angels are the same as humans, if it was not humans then surely you should know if you have met some other creature. It is important to know this even if I believe you can have “visions” of angels, but in this realm the Lord is “in the flesh” which means that you will only meet Him when He is speaking inside yourself or inside your fellow brother or sister.

    “some have entertained angels unawares Hebr.13:2

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