Every Line & Mark showing other Territories will be Moved!



“The sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof”   Isaiah 51:42.

America after the vision(This word began with a brief vision of a deep crack being seen as it opened up in the earth.  I saw a long row of people standing beside the opening, looking in amazement and horror as the opening grew wider and wider.  Then to the north I saw as I was looking down upon a map of the United States of America.  There where the Great Lakes were, they then began to empty their water.  The vision then faded.)

*The Lord has shown me this before and has spoken it before more than once.  The day will come; Lord have mercy upon us and protect those who put their faith and trust in you.

“This world will change in the twinkling of an eye.  The mountains will fall into the sea.  The coastlines will change.  Every line and mark that shows different territories will be moved.  For the days of judgment are upon all.

Men will step out and will behold the great chasms in the earth.  For the fault-lines will run along that great Mississippi River.  And that crack will open wide.  Woe to those who live near it.  And those great lakes will be emptied throughout the land.

Oh land of America, you once were the land of the free and the home of the brave.  But you have strayed far from Me.  Many of you pretend to worship Me but you just give Me lip service.  You are a land of many things, but your divisions run deep.  Your churches have become a place of entertainment for some.  Your streets are filled with murder.  And yet, I have stayed back my hand for many years.  I held a safety net over your land for many years to protect you from the enemy, but it was released some time ago.

The land must be cleansed, and then you will know that I AM the Lord your God.”

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Stephen Hanson*This image links to a Power Point presentation (6.22Mb) I shared at a prophetic conference recently that includes some of these same visions/prophetic words.


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I realize this last prophetic word is quite specific about certain things that are coming to our land, and may well is difficult for some to believe will occur.  However, several times I have been told these things, and I also know that some others who are reputable, have heard and seen the same thing:


Here is a prophetic message from Nita Johnson:


A Prophetic Vision Given to Nita Johnson
January 27,1989.

I was awakened in the middle of the night.  The Lord said to me, “Why do you think I gave you that vision of the United States?”  I replied, “I don’t know, Lord, why did you?”  He then responded, “A surrogate mother won’t work.  Sarah could not be one to Ishmael.  It’s not My way.”  As I was pondering what that could possibly mean, He followed with, “Only what is born of faith can work.”

While the Lord gave birth to America’s liberty and planted in her bosom a hope, He promised to be her protective covering if she would meet His conditions.  He did not give birth to this sinful and rebellious nation.  Although He has given birth to His church, a nation within a nation, He did not give birth to this antagonistic entity we call America.  It was the blood, sweat and tears of man that gave it birth.  Humanists swam in the womb with this nation and humanists have helped give it birth.  They have nurtured it, coddled it and flaunted it as the son of their pride”.

On the other hand, it was the church who fought for the right of motherhood.  She fought for the right to set up the rules and even discipline the spoiled child when it was bad.  But she, alas, has only been “the surrogate mother for a rebellious Ishmael”.

It was Sarah who wisely declared at last, “Cast out this bondwoman and her son, for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son!”  However, while this is true, Abraham suffered over releasing Ishmael and sending him away, even so, our Eternal Father suffers over the future of the people of America.  He must cast away the rebellious but He does it with great pain.  What America as a nation doesn’t understand is that we have been reaping the benefits of the churches inheritance for over two hundred years.  While the church has not been the model bride anymore than Sarah had been a perfect wife, we the church are, nonetheless, God’s bride and the spiritual nation of Israel.

So while the Lord loves His “spiritual Israel” (the church) and although He must even chastise His elect, He will cast out the irreverent Ishmael (The United States).  Though God loves man, He hates sin and will cast out from the inheritance those that choose to serve sin.  For these it might be said; He has little regard.  May we also remember it was not God who first rejected America.  Although He has stretched His arms out to us, we are the ones who have refused Him.  So, fear not Church, that which is born of Earth will stand.  God has in His judgment remembered mercy.  What I’m about to share is the way in which God is going to, in effect, cast out this rebellious America Ha calls Ishmael.  The process will begin while the church is still here.  In fact, it has already begun and will continue until all is fully executed I want to add one more thing before I share the vision the Bible tells us:

And if you say in your [minds and] hearts, How shall we know which words the Lord has not spoken?  When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or prove true, that is a word which the Lord has not spoken.  The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him. (Deuteronomy 18:21-22)   So we are to judge the word which is spoken in the Lord’s name by waiting to see if it comes to pass . If it does, we need to believe it and respond to God’s warnings through it.

The Vision: On January 27, 1989, I had been in a spirit of prayer all night and was finally just starting to dose off to sleep.  Suddenly, I was fully awakened by a vision of a map of the United States.  It was not a vision in my head but was what some call an open vision out in front of me.

The map was in a silvery light and was completely sectioned off into states.  Just as suddenly as it had appeared, I heard a voice, as robust as the sound of many waters yet with great intensity, begin to give directions.  Starting with the West Coast, the voice would speak and that same silvery light would shoot down from the direction of heaven like a laser beam onto the map.  The light would follow the path directed by the voice and then effects would follow as I will explain.  First, the voice cried out-‘The West Coast, California, Oregon and Washington, starting from the southern most tip all the way up to Seattle, will suffer natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and fire, and enemy attack.  “The line shot up the map taking most of California and leaving only a small section that bordered on Arizona and Nevada.  It went up through Oregon taking about half of that state and then on up through Washington, taking about one-third of that state, then out toward the ocean through Seattle.  The minute the line touched Seattle, everything west of the line disappeared.

The voice then cried out, “Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois will suffer natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, and enemy attack.  Immediately, this line started at about where Lansing, Michigan, is and fanned down in what became two lines going south first.  Then one line swung back up easterly through Ohio, going out over the Great Lake Erie through Cleveland.  The other line swung down through Indiana and then headed back up northwesterly and went out into the Great Lake Michigan up by the way of the northeast corner of Illinois and out through Chicago.  When it was done, it looked like two “u”s side by side. This affected areas all through the region, for instance, as far east as Detroit and easterly in Michigan to the Great Lake itself on the west. T he whole southern part of the glove experienced cataclysmic results.

Next, the voice called out, “Most of Louisiana and all of Texas will suffer natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and enemy attack. “The line shot up through New Orleans east of Baton Rouge, up through Shreveport in a kind of wiggly way then cut off all of Texas.  Texas disappeared.  Louisiana experienced devastation but didn’t disappear.

I was ready for this to end, yet the Lord continued.- New York down through Pennsylvania, the Virginias, the eastern Part of Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida will suffer natural disasters of every kind, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, etc. and enemy attack.  Then everything that was east of the line disappeared.

The Lord continued, “The Grand Canyon will suffer natural disasters.  “The line seemed to start at the bottom of the Grand Canyon heading northerly straight up to Montana through Yellowstone.  This was also accompanied by cataclysmic disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and fires.  This affected a substantial area, including Arizona, Utah, western parts of Wyoming, the eastern tip of Idaho and southwestern part of Montana.  The regions did not disappear, but experienced utter catastrophe.

Then Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, West Tennessee, Kentucky, and on it went.  There were severe heat waves, hailstorms, energy blackouts, severe snow and ice storms as well as extreme arctic cold spells to the loss of many lives.  I saw it so often occur in some the least likely areas.  Famines, pestilence, plagues, and more.  Nevada and Utah were all but destroyed through natural disasters of every kind and ultimately enemy attack.  They did, however, remain on the map (Please note that I am not declaring that the states that disappeared fell off into the sea.  I don’t know why they disappeared, only that they did.  Consequently, I am merely relating what I saw-not trying to interpret.) [Uninhabitable, or inhabited by invaders]

I was so dumbstruck that I felt numb, even bruised.  It was hard for me to pull it all together in my mind. I just sat there in shock.  Finally, I realized if I didn’t write it down, I’d lose a lot of it as there was so much detail.  So I wrote what I could remember.  Some states, such as New Mexico, were lost from my memory.  I couldn’t remember what happened to them, so I didn’t record it.

I distinctly remember, however, that the only part of the US that was not devastated was the Central United States, a region basically west of the Missouri River, as I have indicated on the map.  I also realized that many of the things that would begin happening immediately would be of an unusual nature, such as natural disasters that would seem improbable or even impossible, at least for that particular geographical area.

I was instructed that this sequence of events would start immediately, picking up momentum with time until eventually the succession would be happening with gunshot rapidity, until all fulfilled. It’s important to understand that the natural disasters did not specifically follow “the lines”, but the lines seemed to indicate the borders of the severely affected areas.  The only one exception was the line that went up through the Grand Canyon north to Montana.  In that case, the line seemed to symbolize the central core of action with a radiating aftermath both to the east and west.  I saw natural disasters in Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands followed by warheads.

Finally, I saw a severe diminishing of our nation’s military.  Officers, and enlisted men, as well as the closing of many critical bases were part of the scenario.  Our ability to defend ourselves was critically reduced, to a point of near ineffectiveness.  (The Military cut down was not incorporated in this vision, but was seen many years ago.)

These disasters have already begun, just as He said they would.  Since that vision, there have been two earthquakes in California, terrible fires, a hurricane on the East Coast that did what all the meteorologists said could never happen.  The storm entered inland through Charleston, South Carolina, went north and headed back into the ocean through New York.  Flooding for the first time in history was recorded in a community in northern Ohio resulting in unusual deaths.  Most recently, there was an earthquake near the southern border of Missouri, and floods in the plains, and terrible disaster in Florida from tornadoes.  Those are just a few instances, but hopefully, they’re enough to drive the point home.  These things are neither freak accidents, as some would have you believe, nor are they just satanic humor on mankind.  Church, please realize that the Lord commanded everything that I saw hit the map.  He also told me it was part of the sequential calamities which are warnings ultimately leading to full judgment assigned to this country.  They are like blinking red lights along the path of judgment-Go back!  Stop!  Repent!  The end is at hand!  Will you hear?  Will you pray?  How in His great mercy would He gladly stop or minimize catastrophe for His praying church!

Originally Posted 28th October 2005.


~ Stephen Hanson

Prophet Stephen HansonStephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries came to the LORD is a special way in 1975 and has prophesied regularly since.  In these end-time birthing pangs we are reminded that judgment must first begin with the household of God.  Will we be prepared and ready?

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Every Line & Mark showing other Territories will be Moved! — 2 Comments

  1. I think you would both find it interesting to examine A.A. Allens map and vision and perhaps if you can still get it- Hilton Sutton re did His teaching on revelation. With that he reveals why the U.S. is mentioned and how in the book of revelation. Short quote it may be years before the seven year tribulation period. Something will happen that will trigger a no holds barred military response from the U.S. no gneva convention it will be a war without any restriction at all…Russia if memory serves is meshac and well you know all the biblical names for that region.. It is in scripture it will be an uninhabitable wadste land due to war…At that point the U.S. will be greatly weakened although able to defend itself. It will take a period of years yet never be able to affect the World as it did previous to that time. It will however come to bear again as Sutton points out in scripture. not to conquer but to destroy certain armies and areas. However it will simply maintain what’ left their is a lot more scripture to the teaching…So that being said I will give these things to You as I have no other way to say it I felt compelled to seek God and study prophecies for several years. Which I surely would not ever seek to do..For a lack of a better way to say it I had a unction anointing and the leading of God and it was several years involved much much prayer. So as I transitioned out of this season Their is one more thing I would leave with you. Lester summral testified He was sent back to America made no sense to Him He had largly obeyed God to the point the entore nation of manila or city. was in revival I think His testimony is on you tubr lester summrall sent back to America titled lester summrall warning to America 1987…one of the reasons He was sent back is spiritual warfare Quote if the U.S. falls all free nations will fall in the World. Go back Because of your experience fighting both satans human agents Demonic powers above..Go back to America.. I am not advertising but out of experience I can say several of His minibooks and two cd sets should be bible courses in every Christian college in the U.S. I won’t list them but I will check back hopefully over the next week. If you want them just post the question and I will post the names if acceptable to the sight owner….