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Every Line & Mark showing other Territories will be Moved! — 2 Comments

  1. I think you would both find it interesting to examine A.A. Allens map and vision and perhaps if you can still get it- Hilton Sutton re did His teaching on revelation. With that he reveals why the U.S. is mentioned and how in the book of revelation. Short quote it may be years before the seven year tribulation period. Something will happen that will trigger a no holds barred military response from the U.S. no gneva convention it will be a war without any restriction at all…Russia if memory serves is meshac and well you know all the biblical names for that region.. It is in scripture it will be an uninhabitable wadste land due to war…At that point the U.S. will be greatly weakened although able to defend itself. It will take a period of years yet never be able to affect the World as it did previous to that time. It will however come to bear again as Sutton points out in scripture. not to conquer but to destroy certain armies and areas. However it will simply maintain what’ left their is a lot more scripture to the teaching…So that being said I will give these things to You as I have no other way to say it I felt compelled to seek God and study prophecies for several years. Which I surely would not ever seek to do..For a lack of a better way to say it I had a unction anointing and the leading of God and it was several years involved much much prayer. So as I transitioned out of this season Their is one more thing I would leave with you. Lester summral testified He was sent back to America made no sense to Him He had largly obeyed God to the point the entore nation of manila or city. was in revival I think His testimony is on you tubr lester summrall sent back to America titled lester summrall warning to America 1987…one of the reasons He was sent back is spiritual warfare Quote if the U.S. falls all free nations will fall in the World. Go back Because of your experience fighting both satans human agents Demonic powers above..Go back to America.. I am not advertising but out of experience I can say several of His minibooks and two cd sets should be bible courses in every Christian college in the U.S. I won’t list them but I will check back hopefully over the next week. If you want them just post the question and I will post the names if acceptable to the sight owner….

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