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  1. Amen. Joshua 1:3 directs us in reclaiming dominion in the earth. Ex.7:1;-11 There is a Moses Anointing, released to those who will received it – to “know” and to do “ACTS” Psalm. 103:7 to astound the inhabitants in the land. Joshua 1:8 Strength and “good” courage to overcome the altars of intimidation and discouragement as we take back the land! The New Covenant “glory” exceeds EVERY-thing of the Old. ACTS of the Holy Spirit BY the Eph. 4:11 2Cor.3:7-11 ACTS 2:22

    • Thank you man of God…I try to be brief in comments, but you seem to stir things in the Word. Amen. I’m glad you reference the book of Ephesians w/book of Joshua for us. Helping us to know that Ephesians is the NT version of the book of Joshua. As the Church, crosses over into “Canaan”.

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