Every Soul is Important to God!

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Listen to the LORD in Giving and in Priorities

We miss so many opportunities to receive our breakthroughs, because we run after names more than after the presence of The LORD.

I have seen persons take all their money and run across country to hear somebody preach, because they say this person is well known, only to come back home broke and have to beg, borrow and steal to pay their bills ,because they gave, trying to buy a prophetic word, or blessing.

Many times what they needed was right next door to them, but they didn’t want to hear them, because their name wasn’t big enough for them.

We are so caught up in what we call celebrity preachers, that we forsake what God has for us and reject the voice that may have the instructions and directions we need, all because they not on worldwide television or have a mega ministry.

Some financial situations of lack and debt we are in, are because we are not good stewards over what God has given us.

If you know you have a limited source of income, and that’s the provisional source that you have at that time, unless God absolutely speak to you to give or sow those finances, then you need to take care of your obligations first.

Too often, people give or sow in excitement, rather than in being instructed by The LORD.  I know God is not a man that He will lie.  If you say He said give and He will provide, then He will do just that.

Your running all over the country following behind a name or gift, and neglecting your household, and your family getting evicted and losing everything, is not glorifying The LORD.

In fact, many persons don’t even want to hear about the gospel, because of our lack of the spiritual and common sense we demonstrate.

You’re running after prophecies, after a person gift and your children at home are hungry with no lights, while you are saying you just had to be there.

This I know, whenever God wanted me to be somewhere, He made provision and even to this day, He does the same thing.  If He speaks to me to give or sow, there is always a blessing connected to it.

He has always worked it out, if He tells me to give or go somewhere.

I have seen supernatural miracles in my bank account – bills already paid when I go to pay them, or someone would bless me with the exact amount I need at the time I need it, when I give as instructed by The LORD.

I look at the many examples of those in the bible who obeyed God in sowing and giving and how He met their needs.

People, make sure that God is instructing you in whatever you do, or in whatever you give or sow!  And yes, there are times I move in faith and God honors it, because of the pureness of my heart, not because I’m trying to buy a prophetic word or the person is well known, but because I trust Him and I understand the law of sowing and reaping in His Kingdom.

The Price of Church Leadership Pride

Please don’t tell me God is telling you to charge the people these extravagant amounts of money to just publicly acknowledge what He has ordained chosen and already affirmed in the council of heaven!

He made them who they are, before they were formed in the womb of their mother.  You can’t take their identity from them.

What’s even more scary, is the desperation of those who want a title so badly, that they will be financially ruined to be part of a organization that tells them they can never go nowhere in ministry without them!

All I’m going to say is none but, “the pure in heart shall see God!”

  • $25,000 – $10,000 for Affirmation
  • $2,500 – $5,000 for Ordination
  • $1,000 – for Pastor installation
  • $500 – for License

Then they have to pay to renew the credentials every year, plus pay you a certain amount every month for the right to have a piece of paper with your name on it, because you are a “big wheel” in the Church.

Now where is that in the Word?

If we don’t stop with these money games in the house of God, and how your name and approval, are more important than God’s.  We are selling everything, including our souls, for a dollar, and to have an entourage of people connected to us!

Be Separated – Be Apostolic!

Don’t tell me you’re apostolic, but you don’t preach salvation, repentance, deliverance, healing, or being filled with the Holy Ghost?

What happened to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and victory in Jesus?

That “come out from among them,”  “be ye separated,” means coming from among the sins of the world, and be a new creature.

Old things are passing away and all things become new, is for real!

I promised Him that I would preach the truth until I die, and then those whom I have taught and trained, will continue the legacy of preaching the truth of His word!

Absolutely apostolic and love it!

Every Soul is Important to God!

Well, I guess I will say it since you thinking it anyway.  But has anyone noticed that these singers, actors, etc., are suddenly dying when they make up their minds to leave all the glitter and glamour and come to The LORD?

Instead of being dogmatic about it, why don’t you start praying for those in Hollywood, in the worlds limelight, that want to change, but are taken out by the enemy because of their decision to turn from all the drugs sex and money?

Sometimes these persons may have made a covenant with satan where they didn’t fully understand what was required of them, not knowing they were truly selling their souls, and without the true ratifications of the deal they were making with the enemy.

Remember, every soul is important to God!  If the love of God abides in you, then you will never be happy about a death or boastful, if you prophesied it.

Your heart should be heavy and your soul sorrowful for anyone who may have died without Christ.

Mysterious things always have me seeking deeper and asking God questions about it, especially if my spirit is troubled about it.  And this has my spirit troubled.

My prayer is, “God, uncover the truth and let everything in the dark be brought to the light.”

Pray, because things are not always as it seems or looks.  Pray for the people in the world, especially those who are icons to the people!

I’m just saying, pray before you speak.  God may give you some truth you would had never thought about!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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