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Expect A Holy Visitation! — 14 Comments

    • We are being bound together, in holiness. As are others, I feel a revival soon . if its not already happening. Many coming together now. God bless us all.

  1. A beautiful and encouraging word from the Lord!  Thank you for sharing our Father’s heart Elaine!  God bless you!

  2. I pray for God to enlighten me to forgive me so i can receive FAVOR from him please pray for me to receive and hear from Almighty God our father.

  3. I receive in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our soon coming king. Let us all pray for each other so that our lives would be fulfilled. Amen

  4. God bless you for showing you this powerful revelation. Only Jesus can save , for me I am praying to encounter his power, even praying for him to use me as one of his servant for his own work this end time . The bible says “But with God nothing is impossible” God bless you

  5. I receive this powerfull prophetic word in JESUS Mighty Name Amen Amen.
    May the Lord Allmighty bless you woman of God.

  6. I am praying that Lord Jesus enlighten my way,as sometimes I feel like I am in the wilderness,and something that has been troubling me,is because lot of believers,we say we are born again, but the fruits,is lacking,we see lot of people suffering everyday but,we are unable to help them, because maybe we are afraid, because we know well that our ways is not well with God,as we know in past the signs accompanied those who believe,they were able to heal any kind of sickness,lot of miracles,but today we feel so good in singing those worshipping songs, without taking the forces of darkness head on, there are more defeated Christians than the conquered one, because maybe we want to do everything in our own strength.

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