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Faithfulness, Watchfulness, Stewardship and Preparedness! — 3 Comments

  1. Yes yes yes hallelujah this has totally hit the mark PRAISE GOD for this timely word. It is exactly what the Fathers heart is saying in this late hour. Thank You for this meaty Word Father God. Please stop satan from interfering with those needing to read this word. Remove the obstacles that would prevent them from receiving this truth. Thank You Father that who ever needs to hear this truth, will. I cover this message in the blood of Jesus Christ and I declare that the angel of the Lord encamps around my sister who fears the Lord and delivers her. May no weapon formed against my sister prosper and any tongue that rises up in judgment be condemned. For this is a pure word from God, weighty and full of glory. Praise the King of kings. The Spirit and the bride say come Lord Jesus come. Prepare us Father and help us to prepare ourselves. Keep our lamps full of oil and our wicks trimmed. Glory to God Most High. El Shaddi.

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