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Fear not, I AM the LORD of Hosts! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this confirmation my beloved sister. It’s a right and good timing to hear these powerful words. I am so blessed and strengthened this morning, really God is always with me

  2. Thank you Abba for the angels fighting for me, thousands upon thousands.
    A much needed word this day, for the enemy does indeed fires his fiery darts towards me, yet I keep hold up my shield of faith against all fiery darts against him, for he is a loser. I will prevail. I will stand. I’m a warrior against all them that are coming against me, and none of their tricks will work, all will fall to the ground before me. Yes, Abba, there are so many before me, than them that are against me. Destroy all their plans and schemes by fire, move all of my enemies from before me, let them scattered, depart from me, ye workers of inquiry. I bind and cast you out, be thou far gone from my presence, for you are a liar, and the father, of all lies. Jesus is my defender and advocate, in him only do I trust. Amen.

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