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First Three Months of 2023 — 5 Comments

  1. It is true the best thing to do is is to lean wholly on the Lord and be led by him,as much as possible.

    The other is all the churches we must repent,fast and pray,and seek God’s guiding.We need to amend our ways; We need to be heavenly minded than to settle here and now.One of
    The reason God allow trouble to come to the world is because of rampant sin in society,which speaks of lack of Holy Spirit led evangelism.

    It is not too late,to amend our ways and seek God’s guiding to avert his judgment.

    Here is a broad view of frightening global prophecy released from Africa,from a trusted servant of God

    We were to evangelize our household,community,city and the nation.Obviously this requires sacrificial love from every one.


  2. What an Awesome vision and interpretation. Thank you so much for sharing. I pray that many people will read your post today and receive the instructions from the Lord. God bless!

  3. One pin pick of light is where we have come from. The other pin pick of light is where we need to go. Plenty want to go back to what they knew. But that is evil to the core.

    I am starting to get a vision of where we need to get to – and it is being confirmed by various people who publish online. Slowly I seem to be being given the keys for the how.

    God keeps telling me He will bless me beyond my wildest dreams. My dreams are starting to get wild!

  4. Yes. Amen!
    thank the holy spirit
    Let me learn to be more sensitive to your voice and lead .

    And Thank you for the Prophecy Posts:
    give me more information and bring me Lead in obedience to the Holy Spirit ,and also words of affirmation, encouragement and make me more confident to follow Holy spirit and led by Holy spirit.

    “You choose correctly, you hear Me well!” Today’s words make me feel not alone and very excited
    Thank you !

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