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There are often times, when some of us do not trust ourselves.  We may be greatly plagued with low self-esteem and very little confidence.  It usually comes from a lack of the right kind of support when we are growing up; something developed early on.  There are those of us, who can look in the mirror and see something good, but the minute we turn away from it, we cannot remember the good we saw.  And too often, we do not see what others see in us; the healthy self, is lacking.

There is such a thing as believing in yourself; yet, knowing your boundaries and your limitations.  A very sick person, can be proud of themselves; they may even enjoy being ill and feeling different than others.  It could be, that there is nothing much worse, than an arrogant, emotionally ill person.  We don’t always think of those who are envious or jealous, as someone having emotional problems, but they are.  They can always make others ill also.  It is a fact, that they can also be healed, if they confess, and work to change.

To me, one of the greatest issues of our lives, is knowing what’s really in our heart.  It’s not often, these days, that you hear anyone talking about the works of the flesh.  A lot gets blamed on the devil, which has nothing to do with him; it’s stuff, that is in people’s hearts.  I don’t like to give him any kind of credit at all, but he gains a lot of traction, just standing back and letting people create their own mess.  We all have the power, to do our own selves in; without any help from the outside.  We can help destroy, one another.

Although I had to do a lot of hard work on my own self-esteem and seeing the good in myself, I found, I still could not follow my own spirit.  It has also taken many years, to find out, that I was not as wonderful as I imagined I might have been.  In the beginning, my intentions were good.  I think I was a well mannered child, who loved the Lord and loved people.  But, some of the hard knocks of life, can cause undesired changes in a person.  The real cruelty of those you’ve trusted, can damage, even the most tender spirit.

Some may perhaps wonder, why I talk so much about the fruit of the Spirit.  It may be because, it seemed to be missing in so many I knew, in the years I was growing up.  I know better than to follow my own spirit today; it will always get me into situations and places, I don’t want to go in.  But, there is one Spirit, that I can always trust.  That Spirit, produces the same fruit, the same kind of characteristics, every time; it never fails.  And it’s the only thing, that can help me clean up my own spirit.  Following that Spirit, is and always has, produced the greatest reward.  And, the only really true Power.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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