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  1. We don’t even know what those doctrines of demons are.  In the days to come, there will be those of the evil one, who will begin to perform great signs and wonders.”

    The verses below describes the unclean spirit which still influences the disciples and which makes them to want to ‘convict/punish with signs of fire’ those who do not receive Jesus.

    This spirit can be recognized in ministries which openly ,or rather which is more common, in a subtly way accuses other believers for not accepting their “works”.
    Because it is strongly restraint by the Holy Spirit the true anointed ministry never feels the need of to defend itself.

    “and they did not receive Him, and his disciples said, Lord, wilt thou that we may command fire to come down from the heaven, and to consume them,” Luk.9:53-54

    “He rebuked them, and said, Ye have not known of what spirit ye are,” Luk.9:55

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