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  1. Thanks, Sandi, for watching from the wall and keeping us alerted to the amazing things Father God is doing.  I’m glad His hand of love and healing touch is upon you.  Gary

    • Grateful for your input, my brother Gary. Miss seeing you but I am hoping to see you all when I return on 8/24 from my trip to KS to see my son, Lance. His loving hand is healing me one day at a time. There were a few things broken and out of place but His touch is so faithful and perfect! Love to WIllene. Hope all is well with you both. Many blessings, Sandi

  2. Oh Sandy! I read this before I realized it was your article! What a blessing. I am in complete agreement and ready to see the Lord bring justice and to see the enemy speechless!  Hallelujah!

    • So good to see you, Connie. Guess whose painting that is? Gerry’s. PTL. I have been in great pain since the move and my fall. Hope to see you at church again when I get back from KS. I am going out to Wichita to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday on the 16th. It is so good to find those who agree and confirm the Lord’s word to me. Love and blessings, Sandi

  3. very refreshing Sandi…….you have expressed from God what most of us have been feeling from the Lord…..much blessings to you and your family for your obedience to put this word out

    • Thank you Jennie for your kind words of blessing! We are blessed to call Him our Savior. I receive that blessng of His goodness and appreciate your input . May the refreshing of His love bring forth His restoration and redemption, Sandi Holman

  4. Dear Sandi, what an awesome Word from the Lord!!! As I was reading this beautiful love letter from the Lord I saw a bright little star at this sentence: “The sound is echoing off of my Holy Mountain in this time of victorious takeover.” I believe it was the Holy Spirit highlighting something very significant to the nations.  What came to me was Haggai 2:7 – And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: And I will fill this house with glory saith the Lord of Hosts.” “Come desire of nations, come” Psalm 22:28 – “For the Kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations.” Thank you Lord for you are never late!!! Blessings Sandi to you and loved ones.

    • Dear MF, what the Lord showed you is amazing…a bright little star!! He has his own ways to highlight and cause His word to stand out as it all comes together and as you so well shared Haggai 2L7 what a glorious day when He fills His house with glory and Ps 22:28 we must never forget HE rules over the nations. I receive your blessing and confirmation with joy and love. Sending blessings and love to you and yours. Sandi

  5. Thanks you Sandi for sharing this Word from the Lord.
    And I pray that he brings you healing; and a peace that passes all understanding to you & your family. You ARE a battle-tried warrior for God! Thank you!

    • You are so very welcome John. He is healing me so well one day at a time. I am His warrior and many battle scars from time to time but as we know the battle belongs to the Lord and HE is so faithful to be there with me in the battle. Many blessing to you and your family as well Sandi Holman

  6. Dear Sandi, AMEN!!!  The Holy Spirit gave me a psalm 3 days ago about walking to His BEAT, singing to His MELODY, moving to His RHYTHM and flowing to His SOUND OF MANY WATERS.  ❤️. God is Great!
    Much love to you my dear sister.

    • That is so good, Gabrielle. I love when the Lord does this. It is so good to see a similar truth in a different light. He speaks in wondrous ways to send His message in ways we can receive it. Thank you so much, my sweet sister for sharing His heart with me. Love and peace, Sandi

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