Fresh From The Throne!


Fresh from the Throne:  Obedience is better than Sacrifice.

New month!  New vision!  New revelation.  New manifestations.  Overdue Promises.

God says don’t forget My Promises.  Be steadfast and diligent in your FAITH.

No matter what it looks like now, surely the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will do Mighty Exploits among His people.

Yet Judgment is still on its way to America in a more prevalent way.  Even as the election gets closer and beyond, many Apostate churches are falling under the Fire of His promised Wrath.

God has not changed His mind.  He is a Just God.  The wickedness continues and some Christians are still on the fence!  They are lukewarm and not SET Apart.  Choose this day whom you will serve America.  For surely I AM testing the hearts of this wicked NATION.  And the hearts of all will be tested before the final day of My judgment.

Darkness.  Darkness.  Darkness!  I despise darkness.  For I AM Light.  I AM the light.  Come to the Light.  Draw to the Light.

Why must My people now perish?

Wickedness has consumed them. They think I do not see their evil?  Do they not know that I Myself am in every place in the Earth?  My own eyes looking upon the East.  Gazing upon the West.  Watching the North and even my eyes are upon the South.  Nothing is hidden from Me, says the LORD.

Who can hide from me?

Do I not know All things? says God.

Did I not say the Queen of the South will Rise up and bring Judgment on this Generation?

The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them: for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here, (Luke 11:31).

Oh if My people would learn to cleave to My word.  Read My word.  Acknowledge My word!  Turn from their wicked ways and seek My face.  But they have refused Me.  Many have refused Me.  Yet I must move!

I will not allow My vineyard to be Destroyed!  I will not alter MY PLAN, says the LORD.  If My people would listen to the Prophet’s that speak from My mouth and not a false vision of their hearts like the MANY FALSE PROPHETS THAT ARE KEEPING MY SHEEP BLIND, they will see, that would know.  They would here.  Will I not deal with these ravenous wolves?

Have I not spoken it in My word?  AM I yet a man that I should lie?

Darkness.  Darkness.  Darkness.

Gross Darkness says the LORD.  Yet the Glory of the Most High God will Arise over you, My Set apart people, (Isaiah 60:1-5).

The harvest is indeed Ripe.  But the labors are few.

Even as I spoke it in My word, Let there be Light.  Let there be Light.  My light will shine in the midst of this darkness and the harvest will come.  The Glory will Come!

Even as I was brooding over the Earth in the beginning.  Brooding over the darkness before I spoke, “Let there be Light”.  In wicked America I will still shine My light in the midst of the darkness, (Genesis 1).

Souls will come from the East, Souls will come from the South, Souls will cone from the North and the West.  Yet there will be many casualties says the LORD.  The evil that has come is due to the times.  And the days are increasingly evil. Arm yourselves.

But do not fear.

Do not lose focus, says God.  Be diligent in your own labor.  Obey and honor the voice of the LORD.  The word of My Father must be Fulfilled.  Pay attention.  Pay attention to the sign of the times, (Matthew 24).  Is it not written says the LORD.  These times are like no other times.

Do not sleep.


I AM brooding over the Earth like I did when I spoke, LET THERE BE LIGHT.  For I hate darkness, says the LORD of Hosts.  I created hell for the devil and his Angels, not for man.  They chose their God.

They chose their God.  Satan is their god.  Even the God of this world.  Even as man, must Choose his own God.

For as I judged Satan, I ejected his ability to rule with ME, because he opposed ME.  So will I do it with Man, I will judge the inhabitants of the Earth.  Though I made him so high, he was brought oh so low.  Because of his rebellion, a Kingdom divided can not Stand.

For I AM soon to Come and Create my habitation there, (Isaiah 65,66, Revelation 20-21).

A New Heaven and a New Earth I will CREATE.  But not until I gather all those who are mine.  My Sheep are Mine.

And they shall be MINE, says the LORD.  When I publicly recognize them and make them MY JEWELS (My special possession, My peculiar Treasure) I will spare them as a man spares His own Son who serves Him.

Though many will be left behind, for the cause of their own rebellion, If they choose ME in the midst of the darkness, they TOO will be saved.  But the door is closing.

Yet I myself will call MY own, unto myself.

My Bride.  My Bride.  My Shining Glistening Bride.

There are Tares and there are Wheat, (Matthew 13:37-42).

Whose are you?

My Bride Is on My mind. Will she be Clean, says the LORD.  Will she be Ready?  Who will be counted with the Chosen, says God

Will She be found READY, with her garments unspootted?

White.  White.  White, dressed in white garments, cleansed whore and purified.

I will cleanse you and make you whole my beloved.  Every man is not mine.  They must all be born again.  Washed in My blood.

Surely these are the beginning of Woes….

Man was created in our image that He may dwell with us.

AMERICA IS UNDER JUDGMENT.  We are about to walk out Isaiah 60 and 61.  Though darkness covers the Earth and Gross darkness the people, The Glory of the LORD will Arise, over You.  The true Army of God.

Find Truth.  Speak Truth.  Know Truth and let the Truth make you Free.

God showed me many months ago that Hillary would win.  As Hillary steps in, we will enter a new Era.  Many things will change so rapidly, Says the LORD.  Stay with me.  Do not fall away.  Do not go astray.  Neither shall you fear.  The age of the Anti-Christ is upon us.  We have entered the age of the Apostasy. Gross Apostasy.

Is it not WRITTEN?

There is nothing we can do to STOP what God has spoken!

But the Remnant of the Most will Arise and Shine and do Mighty Exploits, says the LORD.  Please do not live in Fear of man, only FEAR the God who created it all.  The one who has Power to cast soul and Body into hell. Fear Him.

No one can Stop what has already been written.  We can’t stop the Master’s plan.  But we CAN determine where we’ll be in it.


Surrender all.  Make God first in your Life.  Return to your FIRST LOVE.

“Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love,”   Revelation 2:4.


~ Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell
Crown Jewel Ministries.
Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.

End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne KendellEnd Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne Kendell





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  1. Many on this Web site for months have said The Lord has said that TRUMP would win the election so come next week we will see who the true Prophets are as we will know then by there Fruit… warned in the end of days…

  2. I have pondered about which administration/prescription would really be best for the sick American church: a “seal of approval” for our current lack of trust, anger, fear etc. OR opposition to true Christian faith which will cause us to unite and grow strong in the Lord together. Both main line candidates are a form of judgment. I’m writing in Mike Pence as I see him as “the man behind the man” and not even someone Donald Trump chose, which tells me he is the right choice for me in this election cycle. But whatever happens next Tuesday, my faith, hope and trust is in The Lord Almighy.

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