From a Spark to a Roaring Fire!


Oh, My people!  You have received My spark.  You nurtured it with great care until it matured into a roaring fire.  You basked in its glow and as it warmed you and then set you ablaze.  You were ready and willing to give up everything for Me.  All that mattered was that fire.  You fed into it and experienced the power of passion and desire.  This passion and desire was not in or of this world.  These came from Me and they were Mine and Mine alone.

You settled in as you enjoyed the comforting glow but then as the night wore on you fell into a slumber.  Now there is neither light nor heat.  Take heart.  All is not lost.  Long after the vanishing of the flames there are the embers.  With fuel and oxygen what once was can be restored.  Again you must give yourself to attentiveness.  Again you must show great care.  If you sleep on, all will grow cold.  If you sleep on what lives within you will die…  and I will not revive it.

Receive this message of hope.  It’s not too late, but as sand continues through the hourglass, you know that the time is growing near.  My words are timeless but My warnings must be heeded in due season.

Oh, how I desire that you would burn brightly, My people!  The night is long but it will not last forever.  While you are coming into the season of greatest darkness (which I understand to be accompanied by many trials) trust that the glorious Son is coming.  His fire has never dimmed and the ferocity of its heat burns away every impurity.  While this light has been hidden from you for a season it will some come again.

(I am given a picture of the earth spinning and the sun as it appears from outer space and a visual of the sun as it first begins to come over the horizon.)

With its rising the enemy will flee and not even a shadow will be found.  All will be exposed to His glory and none will escape it.  Turn!

(Picturing people facing away from the sun ((Son)) and now turning towards it.)

Lift your heads.  Lift your hands. Is this not what you hoped and prayed for throughout the night?  Is this not what you longed to see and yet feared that you would not?  The day is much closer than you expect.  I AM much closer than you would imagine.

Until this hour arrives you must remain vigilant.  Do not allow yourself to be content with a fire that warms you.  Your fire must be strong enough as to heat your family and your neighbors as well.  When they come you will not send them away empty handed.  Rather, you extract from your fire and ember.  You nurture it carefully and place it into a bed of tinder.  You will give it freely and with the instructions that transform this ember into a fire they must simply blow.

If you want it to remain, give freely of it.  This fire is not yours.  It is Mine.  If My ember had not come to you where would you be?  Had you not received My precious gift what would you have to give?

Steward what I have given you knowing that in this hour life and death are in the balance.  As such you cannot take this lightly.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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