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  1. Thank you Ron for sharing this.  I thank God for that He confirms His Word through His people and that I am born in this time!

    I remember when God started to give me revelations and I tried to tell it to my ‘sister and brothers’ in the churches but I always received answers such as ‘it is not biblical’ or it is not ‘sound doctrine’.
    I also suffered grief because many were speaking in un-intepreted tounges and they claimed that it was “the sign” of the Holy Spirit and the sign of having been baptized in fire but I almost never saw signs of the fruit of the Spirit.
    And they all waited for Jesus to come back , visible down from heaven.
    And they all said there was no law to keep, just “grace”.
    And the all said that one only have to utter that Jesus is the Lord and then one is saved and have eternal life.
    No teaching about the hard discipline concerning obedience to the voice of the Lord and the seeking of His Will in one’s life, just a quick fix done in a second.

    (To “utter” with the lips is something entirely different than to confess, because the confession is when one’s whole being is under the control by His Spirit, cleansed from own demonic thoughts, and one can not anymore speak ‘own’ opinions or words which is not in accordance with the spirit of Christ. Rom10:9,Mark 16:17)

    One day I “saw” what was wrong; THIS is the ‘tickling in the ear teaching! THIS is the Antichrist! THIS is the dead body!  THIS is also the “dead body” that Christ will rise from!

    Because He is not talking about the somatic death when He speaks about the dead, but the spiritual death.
    And from THAT death He will rise IN HIS obedient people in those whom have ‘crucified their flesh(own will) for to do ONLY the Father’s Will!
    “Who concerning THE TRUTH have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already, and overthrow the faith of some,” 2 Tim.2:18
    “And concerning the rising again of the dead, did ye not read that which was spoken to you by God, saying God is not a God of (the physical) dead men , but of living,” Matt.22:31-32
    “For as the body (of Christ) without the spirit is dead, so faith without (spiritual influenced) works is dead also,” James 2:26
    “thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just,” Luk.14:14

    Blessings from Sweden!

    Resurrection: Strong’s Greek Number 386: Anastasis – an-as’-tas-is from 450; a standing up again, i.e. (literally) a resurrection from death, figuratively; a moral recovery of spiritual truth.

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