Give me You, Lord!  Give me You!


Getting trapped, when trying to help

Don’t allow the circumstances of somebody else’s hurt to become a illusion of pain in your life.  Some people want you to be just as miserable as they are and if you’re not they accuse you of not caring about them.

Too many people are carrying a false burden that is the product of somebody that refused to let go of an issue.  They come to you with a pretense of wanting help, when in reality they want you to nurse their selfish desire of wanting attention and validation of their pain.

They don’t want deliverance, but someone to carry their self pity.

These spirits you have to come against aggressively, or you will find yourself being consumed by them.  They want your undivided attention, because their existence is only important through them consuming your time and attention.

Be watchful and leery of those who always need you to counsel, or have continual situations that require you to spend excessive time with them.  They are trying to stop anyone else from spending any time with you, because that means they are sharing you with someone else, which is what they don’t want.

People, learn when people are trying to get set free, or trying to trap you in their pain.

God is doing a great work right now

People are prophesying from the imaginative contents of their mind, because of the visual things they are seeing, rather than hearing from the revelation knowledge of the Throne Room of God.

God is saying that many are experiencing spiritual warfare, because there is extreme conflict associated with them, walking in the supernatural power of His Spirit!

The natural man is in a daily battle, trying to comprehend the unseen realm.  Even though God is speaking to the Prophets, they are bringing their natural intellect into the prophetic realm, trying to present what God says from the contents of their human intellect.

They are dissecting God’s word to make it sound better to digest, so the people will receive them, rather than speaking the direct word of God, which can change them. The spiritual levees are about to overflow and break in this season causing the Spirit of God to gush out in this hour.

There will be a move of God that shall go pass the boundaries of religion programs and set times.  God is doing a great work right now upon the earth.

Their is a spiritual earthquake taking place that is removing everything that is not of God’s order or His approval for this hour.  He is sending a shaking that will disengage the heart of the people from the things of the world.

The winds of God will blow in astronomical proportions in this hour.  These winds will shape the spiritual atmosphere of the Body of Christ.  The different dimensions of the breathe of God shall be released to accomplish His will for the last days.

People, listen with a keen sense of discernment in this hour.  There will be much spoken right now but you have to be able to discern what is God from what is human intellect.

Get ready the spiritual elements are being released.  Whew it’s about to be much activity going on in the Spiritual realm and you don’t want to miss nothing that God is doing or saying!

Leadership 101

Why is a divine connection formed when people are only doing something for you, but the minute they don’t do, or they stop doing, they become a distraction, or disconnection, or no longer a good leader?

Being a covering mentor, spiritual parent, or pastor, does not mean that they are your bill payer, your groceries shopper, your taxi cab, or your ATM machine.  People are not looking for someone to pray for them.

Give them sound advice to teach them the ways of The Lord, to teach His word to them, to train them in holiness and righteousness the ways of salvation.  They don’t want anything spiritual, they just need a provisional source to help with their natural needs.

They are forever taking, but never give.  They go around draining leaders and then they get upset and go out and lie talk about and discredit the leader, when they stop letting them manipulate them.

I hear the people talking about leaders, but what about these bad sheep?

As a leader, you walk in love toward the sheep, but you don’t have to let them take advantage of you.  You don’t have to feel guilty about saying NO, to a request from a person that always looking to you to meet their needs.  You are not their God.

Teach them faith.  Tell them where they can put in some job applications.  Show them how to budget to save.  But stop being their everything because you’re not! That is all!

Give me You, Lord!  Give me You!  

God has been dealing with me about dimensions very heavily these last few months.  He has me in Ezekiel 1 and He is dealing with me about dimensional realms and the meaning of colors, concerning His presence and glory in a greater measure.

The dimensions of His glory are revealed through His Spirit.  Being consumed in the different dimensions of the operation of His Spirit causes us to operate from a throne room position of His power.

The description of the presence of God is well described in Ezekiel 1.  He would see different colors surrounding God.  I have seen and experienced many times when the glory of God would show up and the cloud would have a mixture of colors in it.  I have heard others speak of seeing different colors when they flow in different dimensional realms of the anointing.

In this hour we will see the visible manifestation of God’s presence and experience it.  When the Holy Ghost appears and their is a powerful presence of God you will begin to flow in the operations of God’s power in the different realms.

God was specific in what colors He wanted on the priestly garments worn in His tabernacle.  Even with the rainbow, He set specific colors in it.

There is so much God is opening up the understanding of to His people in this hour.  Understanding Him learning the greater depths of Him and seeking for more.  I’m on a serious quest right now I’m seeking God about how we have limited the power of God, because we don’t believe in the supernatural manifestation of His glorious power.

I’m asking Him to demonstrate His power, because people in the world look at the church as weak and a failure because of the things going on.

I’m asking God to give us that power that they experience were seas open up, dead people got up out of coffins while they were being led to be buried, the sun stood still and didn’t move, money was pulled from a fishes mouth, two fish and five loaves of bread supernaturally multiplied and fed over five thousand, a shadow was able to heal, a word was spoken and the blind begin to see the lame walked the deaf talked, people were instantly healed of diseases and infirmities, and the gospel is preached and the whole town get salvation and deliverance.

This is what I’m crying out for Father show me your glory demonstrate your power restore the people so that they will once again know that you are I AM THAT I AM.

I have been weeping and crying.  I’m so hungry and desperate for more of Him.  Singing that song from the depths of my soul: “Give me You everything else can wait Lord, give me You, I hope I’m not too late Lord, give me You.  Lord, give me You.  Lord, give me You, it’s me oh Lord, I’m on my knees crying out to You.”

Minister Maurice Tumbling, this picture explains a lot to me as I have been seeing these colors when the cloud of God’s glory fall and the Holy Ghost begins to move.  The dimensions of His power is real.  You certainly captured the confirmation of what God said that He will move us from glory to glory in this hour!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. Thank you so much my dearest sister for these powerful and encouraging words. My heart, my soul, my mind always seek the Lord. I don’t want to know myself, I want to know Him. I love you!

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