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  1. Yes the Breaker’s anointing will break every chain and every yoke:
    Micah 2:13 The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it; their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head.”

  2. The state are calling out are NY,PA, NC LA and AL ask if stay or do you go to following places unknown prophet said this

  3. The first state in great move are PA, NY,NC, LA, AL ask now we got a call two weeks ago in spirit. We now packing when this word came time to annoint yourself the new trails blazer and mountain climbers and hills platform for biggest land grab for Kingdom we got from prophets mouths ask to go into Ark now from other prophet here. Watch the code of your gifting we are now in Exodus now some are selected to go ahead and some stay and keep ground all have a part.. Seek 3x Ask 3x Pray 3x Disire 3x petition 1x this 3’s The petition was grated now The enemy is showing his cards of this everywhere. War with 1. fast 3 days week anything the spirit press on you a local prophet told me 2. Thanksgiving for favor before it happen imagine him doing his promises in head picturs, sing, dance worship as warship on water as ark holding last seeds of his children in ark 3. Decree and weep cry prayer repentance and be guilty for to form escaspe plans for his children in dark to see and hear. He also gave this Jesus himself through him for us bless us that go now He said “Block what is block and flow what must. I understood water of living is weapon the rivial dam shout to break out was called by the unknown prophet for America Go meaning redeem

  4. It can feel very bad in numerous ways when we encounter and become opposed by the big, bad Religious Spirit. May we break through it in You Lord — and in keeping with our own true Fear of the Lord. Please lead us all out of that mire.

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