God HAS Forgiven you!


This is not usual for me to post this, but I am going to….

As I posted the recent word “Rest on MY Breast“…  I had a strong sense that someone had slipped and fallen.  Spiritually you have sinned, and you think God will not forgive you…. IT IS A LIE.

We have an advocate with the Father.  IF ANY MAN SIN… the Lord Jesus Christ has gone before you and your sins are covered.  The BLOOD is on the Door Post of your heart.

No one is perfect and many have made mistakes and many have sinned.  The devil would lie and tell you that your sin is too big for God to forgive and you will be forever lost… that is what the enemy would like you to believe.

The scripture being used against you is Hebrews, where it speaks of the Blood of the Son of God being trampled Underfoot….  the enemy has twisted that scripture and caused you to believe a lie.

The belief of that lie has cause torment, even to the point of not wanting to live.  Jesus is your deliverer and Holy Spirit will fight this battle, look up and believe God.  You do not have to name your name or say anything in regard to this post just look to Jesus.

Father, I declare the power of the enemy is broken in this area for this person who has come under attack.

I declare that all powers of darkness must flee and the Holy Spirit will protect and bring this one through to freedom in you Lord Jesus.

Thank you Father for hearing and answering our prayers and for giving us authority over the demons of hell.

in Jesus’ most precious name I declare and decree this person be set free, amen and amen!


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak
of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.


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