The Father Says Today – December 2015

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

Transcript:  BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER. The breaker anointing is released through the prophetic word. TRANSCRIPTION: …The Father says I am bringing you to rest at the threshing floor. I am threshing the nations and threshing the peoples in this season says the Father – but I am bringing you to rest and bringing you to a place of safety and security in My kingdom. Fear not says the Father. Despair not for the events you see coming upon the earth for you are not of this world even as I am not of this world. You are not appointed to wrath – you are created for My glory and in My glory you will find your repose and your rejoicing.
I declare over you that you are unstoppable. I cannot be stopped therefore you cannot be stopped. Mount up says the Father. Fulfill your created purpose. You are an instrument of worship and My sound is resonating out of you in the quiet place where all you know and all you can see is that I AM THAT I AM. Hear My Spirit beckoning. Hear My voice calling you to come up higher. Refuse to become entangled with the claustrophobic tents of the wicked. Come up here to the place that I have prepared for you – from this place you will be seated and you will rule and reign and know My goodness in the land of the living even in your life says the Father.

December 2015.    The Father says today that you are not a singular pillar in My Kingdom but you have connection and belonging in a greater building of My construction.  You are a lively stone mortared in with other lively stones to give testimony of spiritual community and life and family to an unbelieving world.  I have given you a heart of compassion that cries not for vengeance but for mercy in a time of judgment.  Because your heart is a heart of mercy I will not allow your words to fall to the ground.  Your assignment is to establish a THRONE time in your day to come aside with Me and listen to Me and petition My courts for the outpouring of mercy I AM bringing upon an undeserving people.  Intercede says the Father and cry out.  Ask, knock and believe fully for the loving-kindness of My throne to be made manifest even to the people and the nations that have forgotten Me and look to vain strengths as their security.

In your own life determine to take the words of heaven and transfer them to the earth and they will come to pass.  Let your prayers be heard in the secret closet and you will become known as one who hears with accuracy and clarity.  You will even be sought out to ask “what are you hearing …”  The assignment is shifting says the Father and there will be the uncomfortable parts of it but stay faithful.  Maintain a posture of humility and refuse to be distracted by the things, circumstances or people who will be manipulated by the enemy to get you out of the secret place where you will daily do business with Me.

December 30, 2015.   The Father says today your days of being a spiritual vagabond are at an end.  As Abraham searched for a city of My building and construction so I will bring you into your own place.  The ministry placement and purpose you seek will be made a reality.  You are not a spectator but a participator in My purposes says the Father and the time is now for My favor and blessing to settle and strengthen and cause you to put roots of permanence down that you will never again be uprooted or displaced.  This is a season of placement and permanence for you My beloved.  I will bring you into your own land and cause you to find your place in your own tribe.  The days of isolation and exclusion are no more.  Allow the wounds of rejection to heal and move once again into My courts.

It may be true says the Father that you have been having a hard time finding where you fit.  This is because I intend for you to draw spiritual DNA from more than one apostolic father and mother.  I AM exposing you to more than one well of anointing and ministry and not just one resource.  Reject the sectarian attitude that “I am of this ministry” or “that ministry”.  I am taking the best of many gleanings from different resources of maturity and experience in God to build Myself into you in a greater way than before.  It is a growing up time and a time that My purposes and My character are being threshed out on the threshing floor of your own commitment to My kingdom.  A sober time yes but a time of rejoicing and benefit and favor as well.

December 29, 2015.    The Father says today you will not be denied.  I will not be denied therefore you will not be denied.  Rouse yourself from all lethargy and despair.  Make declaration – yes make VERBAL DECLARATION of those things you are hoping for, believing for and expecting.  Allow the refining fire of My Spirit to take away the dross of carnal desires and bring new focus to your mind and fresh commitment in your heart.  Reassess in this season what My Lordship means in your daily life.  The result will be a quick work in your behalf as My mercies find you and work unimpeded by any resistance or stubbornness.  Make a determination to put first things first.  Again I say to you resolve in your heart to make the “main thing” the “main thing” in your life and shun every distraction from My presence or My kingdom.

So listen to My voice and not the vague whisperings of doubt, fear and insecurity.  Forget about what others might be thinking or planning.  They are more preoccupied with their own self interests than they are what you are doing or saying.  Step out of preoccupation with the earthly and the mundane.  Become one who not only believes but believes and acts.  Break any pattern of stagnation you identify in your life and move forward with all of your ability.  I will add My sufficiency to your extremity and bring you to breakthrough.

December 28, 2015.   The Father says today your kindness and gentleness is bringing a rebounding blessing into your life this day.  The kindness you have shown others is going to be returned to you.  You have blessed others according to your ability and the Father is going to recompense you according to your ability.  Well done says the Father.  I say unto you well done for you chose not to recompense evil for evil.  You refused to become petty or argumentative when others cut you with their words.  You determined not to be distracted when the enemy tried to get your eyes off the harvest.  Keep it up says the Father for they are not done.  Pay no attention to the back-channel communication that you are picking up on.  Though men denigrate and marginalize you I AM blessing and promoting you.  What I have blessed and who I have blessed will be blessed no matter what man thinks or does.

This is a point of growth time and your obediences have not been overlooked says the Father.  You have blessed others by what you DID and by what you DIDN’T DO.  You are not one to lash out although that doesn’t mean you haven’t felt the pain of rejection, neglect and oversight that really wasn’t called for.  I gave others opportunity to step up and strengthen and comfort you and frankly they chose not to listen.  You could have gotten angry and judgmental but you did not.  You have a baseline humility that admits that you perfect but I am not expecting perfection – I AM simply looking for loving compliance to My purposes in your life.  So keep obeying. Keep loving. Keep on seeking My kingdom.  Refuse to be distracted and great will be your reward both on the earth and in the hereafter says the Father.

December 27, 2015.   The Father says today come into a place of total reliance upon Me.  Your security is not in any relationship, or position or opportunity that man falsely promises.  I AM going to teach you total reliance on the anointing I have planted in you.  That anointing is rooting itself into your life and vining itself in every aspect of your day.  All will be ministry portion even in the secular and the sacred.  Realize that ministry doesn’t begin at the church door and doesn’t end when you leave the parking lot.  I will cause you to exercise the gifting I have given you in all places and at all times.  There will be things coming out of your mouth that man didn’t teach you.  You will walk in a maturity that experience didn’t produce in you.

I will cause you to be bread of heaven and the refreshing of heaven will flow through you out to others.  As I AM the bread come from heaven I will cause you and who I am in you to be that very bread in the lives of those around you.  Do not allow man to package and to market what I have put on the inside of you.  They will come to take advantage and to spy out your land.  Give them no heed says the Father just keep on obeying and trusting.  There is a net breaking catch of ministry fruitfulness in this season IF you willingly step into the assignment that I AM putting before you.  Trust in what I am saying to you and about you and not your own opinion or the opinion of men.

December 26, 2015.   The Father says today that I AM calling you to step into a ministry mentality that is beyond your current experience and maturity.  You will feel challenged by this but know that I AM your sufficiency and I will qualify and empower you to meet the demand placed upon you.  In this season I AM maturing you IN THE GIFTING and not before the gifting and anointing comes.  This is contrary to some teaching that you have heard in times past but know this says the Father that I am all about “on-the-job” training.  I will equip you and empower you and mature you IN the challenge and IN the assignment and that assignment begins now.  Just rejoice and take a deep breath for it isn’t about what you know or who you know or whether others think the time is now.  I say this is your now time and there is no more need to wait until someone else says you are ready.

Are you going to listen to My voice or the voice of the uninformed who don’t see you the way I see you?  They were unqualified as well when I called them – why would they demand you to be more qualified than they were when I began to use them?  You are going to step in to a new assignment and a new constituency.  Stop trying to build a castle in someone else’s sandbox.  Be bold enough and have enough faith that you do not need to leverage your success in My kingdom in the measure that I have given to another.  Be willing to build on bare ground and I will give you unimpeachable success and blessing that will not come any other way.  As you meet demands of the gifting I AM imparting to you in this season the anointing that rests upon you will give you that which is your own and not another man’s.

December 25, 2015.   The Father says today let the example of who I AM on the inside of you be manifest this day.  There will be many influences and thoughts abounding around you but keep yourself centered and feeding always upon the bread of My presence.  There are times that you will find yourself in the company of people who aren’t always easy to lead or to love with the love wherewith I have loved you.  Just be unconditional with them.  They are what they are and there is nothing in your words that will convince or change them.  Don’t try to change the difficult people in your life.  Don’t try to convince them.  Just love them with the love that I have loved you with.

The enemy delights to inject his contaminating influence with a vehicle of tension and strife.  Don’t buy in to that says the Father.  Just laugh and let your demeanor reflect a determination that says “I am going to love you and there is nothing you can do about it…”  Go ahead and have a dancing heart when others are grumbling and grandstanding.  Take it as a delightful opportunity not only to give love but to personify love as I AM love.  You may come under pressure from people and get an earful of complaint and condemnation.  Just rejoice.  Keep on loving them and following Me.  The Father says the key to following My lead is to keep joy in your heart and maintain a “no opinion” posture about things relating to leadership in your own life and the murmuring of the people around you.  You have a gifting and a calling that proceeds from My heart and is activated in love.  You have My government upon your shoulder.  You influence more people than you know.  Walk in accountability before Me and in humility before men.

December 24, 2015.   The Father says today that the future that the enemy has attempted to paint for you is not an accurate depiction of what I AM bringing to pass in your life.  The enemy is all about smoke and mirrors and deception.  He makes himself look much larger and more powerful than he really is.  You may feel as though you have backed yourself into a corner from which there is no escape but I have made a way for you and an exit strategy that leads to life and not destruction.  Trust Me says the Father.  Lean on Me.  Lean on Me and I will cause you to know that it is BURDEN LIGHT and YOKE EASY time even in the midst of darkness and insecurity.  I love you My beloved.  You may be a wounded warrior and I AM going to remediate and care and heal and bring you to wholeness in this hour.

So just enter into rest today.  Know that sufficient for today is the evil thereof.  You need only trust Me for this 24 hour time frame.  Tomorrow will have it’s challenges but guess what?  I AM already working in tomorrow’s time frame to will and to do My good pleasure.  Those who have berated you and marginalized you have no power to control other than what you give them.  Look away from them says the Father and know that you are the one I am working with both to bring about a hope, a future and an expected end. What man cannot do for you and what man will not do for you will be the spontaneous and miraculous outcome of your trust in Me when you finally and fully lean with all your heart upon My faithfulness in your life.

December 23, 2015.   The Father says today that,  I AM opening up new lines of communication to you in this season.  You will hear with greater acuity and see with deeper insight than in times past. I  have heard your request and the cry of your heart.  I have not deafened My ear to your cry nor blinded My eye to your need.  There is nothing impossible to you because you have cast your lot with My purposes and My kingdom.  I give you leave as the scripture says to call upon Me in a time of trouble and I will surely answer you from heaven and stipend you from My treasuries.

My beloved, I do not want you to recriminate yourself for your part of the problem or the degree to which you contributed to the current distresses in your life.  Forgive, Release and Bless.  Forgive yourself. Release and let yourself off the hook.  Bless what I AM doing to unravel your problems and bring timely resolution.  I love you because I love you.  I love you and I love those around you NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  I want you to begin to walk in a greater measure in the assignment of unconditional love.  You are not to wash your hands or walk away in frustration.  The circumstances seem unbearable at times but I don’t want you to collapse under what you think the load is. It is yoke easy and burden light time no matter what it may seem or feel like.  I want you to have every expectation that healing and restoration will come.  For that is My agenda and what I am working to bring about in your behalf.

December 22, 2015.   The Father says that this is a time of shift in your life.  Your energies are being re-directed from the lesser purposes of man to the greater purposes of My kingdom.  You have cried out to Me for placement and I AM positioning you now.  Pack your bags says the Father for the baggage that has been hindering you is now becoming luggage to launch you into a new land and a new purpose in Christ.  You do not belong in the hen yard of religion.  Your wings are wings of the eagle that I AM lifting you up now into a broader perspective that you might truly see what is taking place around you.  The enemy at times has slowed you to a snail’s pace but I AM accelerating you and promoting you and lifting you up to higher things.

This is a serious time says the Father yet a time of great joy and deeper perspective.  I AM revealing to you now how to side step the things that the enemy is planning to run you down with.  He is going to try to side line you but I AM going to launch you beyond his reach and he will come up with nothing but empty air.  The snare of the enemy will fail says the Father as you recognize the pitfalls I AM opening your eyes to in this hour.  Do not be afraid to look openly and transparently at the things and situations around you.  Discernment, however powerful that I give you is useless when your eyes are squeezed tight refusing to see.  Say to your eyes “see” and to your ears “hear”.  As you act, move and decide in partnership with My heart for you over the next few months the devices of the enemy will fail and you will step into a new arena of success.

December 21, 2015.    The Father says today that kingdom portion and ministry assignment are converging in your life.  Mercy and truth are rejoicing together.  The pillars of My wisdom and My grace are undergirding you and bringing elevation and promotion – unexpected promotion to your life and situation.  No more looking back says the Father for your past is no reflection or indication of what your future will look like.  Adopt this day – I call upon you to adopt this day a forward-looking perspective and a proactive approach to activating and walking in your gift.  Exercise your gift even among those who don’t acknowledge it.  When you move in the giftings of My Spirit accorded to you then I AM made manifest to all who are around you.

So exercise your gift even among those who don’t consider themselves believers that you encounter in the public square.  The accommodation your gift will create in 2016 a place for you as a principality and a power even in the region and community where you live.  Think beloved in terms of enlargement – even exponential enlargement in your life in 2016.  There are things being added to your life in terms of blessing and benefit because you have resolved to be a kingdom seeker and a Father pleasure.  Blessing will come and yes – as the scripture says “with persecution” but you hold fast in fidelity to the gift of God that I have imparted and placed in your life for that is your assignment and that place of faithfulness is where the airdrop of answered prayer is going to be targeted to in your life.

December 20, 2015.    The Father says today that you are not helpless.  The outlook is not bleak.  You are not without a helper for you are not without My presence and My power.  The glory that I have placed within you is the glory that raised Jesus from the dead.  My glory within you is that resource that Jesus called upon when He descended into hell and came back with the keys of death and the grave.  Though the enemy come to steal, kill and destroy I have empowered you to put your foot in his neck and take from his mouth the prey that he has stolen.  The righteous are bold as a lion because they know Me and they know who I AM on the inside of them.  This is who you are and this is your entitlement before Me says the Father.

This day I call upon you to realize that you are not beyond the ability to affect change.  I call you an initiator.  I call you a fire starter.  I AM a fire from My loins up and a fire from My loins down and that fire is being directed into your life by your faith filled words.  Transformation is possible.  Transformation is available.  The shift comes now.  In every situation remember this – love never fails.  Love is who I AM and love never fails to produce more love.  When the enemy distracts you with the unkindness of others around you do not react in fear or amazement.  Step up into love.  Love is what causes the mountain moving faith on the inside of you to become active and come online in your life.  This is the hour you have longed for says the Father.  This is the time that change comes.  Embrace the change and be a part of it as you partner with Me and enter into ruling and reigning at a whole new level!

December 19, 2015.   The Father says today you get to have it all.  When you seek first My kingdom all things will be added.  All means all.  There is nothing left out.  Trust Me with your wants.  Come to Me with your needs.  Know that I have encoded your heart with the desire for what I fully intend to give you.  Yes the enemy will try to occlude and cloud My promise but do not give heed to his misdirection – keep your confidence and trust in Me as I work all to the glory of My kingdom in your life.  Do not yield to the perspective of complexity and difficulty that the circumstance may imply.  Do not put your faith on HOW I am going to do the things I am going to do.  Put your faith on the outcome for you cannot imagine in your wildest speculation just how I AM going to do what I will inexorably do in your life.

Simply approach your life with an attitude of “I get to have in my life what Jesus paid for on the cross”.  Expect and demand the difference the cross makes in your life at every level and you will see a stark contrast between your experience and that of those around you.  Others may falter and fail but this is not your portion.  Others may settle for second or third best but I say to you climb the highest mountain and go first class all the way.  There is nothing obscene about believing for “highest” and “best”.  I AM the God who sits on a throne of emerald on streets of gold and gates of pearl.  What poverty or impoverished situation would glorify Me in that case?  Look up beloved and expect.  Look up and thank Me in advance.  Resolve to the depths of your being that you will with all your might seek My mind, My word and My purposes and you will not be turned back, denied or disappointed.

December 18, 2015.   The Father says today that the munitions of heaven are set and your breakthrough is about to be made manifest.  Get ready for explosive growth and sudden blessing for what I do now in your life will be a quick work that the enemy will be unable to withstand or resist.  This is the hour and the day that you will step through the gates that I have opened.  There are gates of favor before you and gates of benefit.  The threshold of entitlement in My purposes lies before you – step forward in faith and step forward in fidelity to those things I have called you to.  The stones of offense and barriers of resistance will be removed from your path.  Put your trust in Me and release yourself fully to that which I am revealing.

There is a plan and an agenda for the year ahead says the Father and it is not about set back or being turned back from the land that I set before you this day.  There will be complaints and challenges to who I say you are and what I say you can do – let Moses be your example of meekness under fire.  As criticisms come just go low and continue to worship and know that My word and My promise will see you through every controversy. It is not your responsibility to justify yourself – know this that I am your justification and I AM your fortress of strength.  At the end of the day you will be left standing for I will occupy the naysayers elsewhere as you inherit your inheritance and take the garland of victory in My name.

December 17, 2015.    The Father says today go out and irritate the enemy.  It is not My plan for you to walk gingerly around the enemy so you won’t rouse his anger.  Let the enemy do his worst for I will do My best and at the end of the day you will be seated in victory with the spoil of My blessing in your hand.  My presence in you is an irritant to the devil says the Father.  Your faith maces the devil in the face.  When you get around people who cover their faces with pretense and lies you know the devil is hiding behind them.  Pay them no mind – simply keep on obeying and keep on doing the things I AM telling you to do.  When you refuse to be distracted you will suddenly find yourself elevated to a higher level of glory that you haven’t experienced before.

Come up higher says the Father.  Come up higher where the scars of the past are soothed and disappear.  Come up higher where your life takes on My image and not the marred visage of past disappointment.  At this level of glory your mind becomes as pure as a newborn baby.  What do you think being born again is all about?  This day I give you the gift of unlearning the things you need to unlearn of religion and darkness and pain and betrayal.  I AM healing your backslidings and I AM healing your betrayals when others who once stood by you have turned aside.  Be well says the Father.  Be healed.  Be restored.  This is your portion this day.

December 16, 2015.   The Father says today I have ordained you to be a confronter.  Say this to yourself – “confrontation is not harmful, confrontation is beneficial.”  I went into hell and the grave and through confrontation came back with the keys that won your liberty from the bondage of sin.  Through confrontation I silenced Pilate at the judgment porch.  Through confrontation I muzzled the demon that spoke through Peter when he forbade the suffering of the cross.  I have placed the sword of My Spirit in your mouth and it is a weapon of confrontation to silence all flesh before My throne in your life.

The Father says if you want to make progress you must be prepared for confrontation.  You are going to have to confront yourself and you are going to have to confront the demonic that will rise up in those who don’t think the way I AM causing you to think.  As you step into the path that I have ordained for you there will be distractions from the sidelines.  If you listen to those on the sidelines you will be sidelined yourself.  Learn to turn a deaf ear to the illegitimate authorities speaking from the periphery of My glory.  Are you listening?  If you aren’t listening to My sound in this hour your faith will become inert and miracles with your name on them will be given to another.  As you listen and move forward as a confronter and a warrior you will activate My kingdom in your life and bring the change you have cried out for.

December 15, 2015.   The Father says today there was a price paid that you might come in to My kingdom.  I purchased you out of darkness and disgrace and brought you to My dwelling place.  You are My pearl of great price says the Father.  I bought the whole field of sin and the degradation of the cross that I might lay claim to you and bring you to Myself.  I am holding on to you this day even as you are holding onto Me.  You are in Me and I AM in you and we are one.  The one-ness that I have made available to you is no less than the one-ness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I would that you be one with Me as we are one in each other.  You and I together are a sweet society.  You and I together are a majority in every situation and challenge.  You and I together outnumber the armies of the enemy that would range themselves against you.

I did not send My Son to die in order to telegraph My love to you through a man or an institution.  I have given you direct access to the divine through the shed blood of Calvary.  I am not negotiating My relationship to you through any intermediate connection.   Do not allow imperfect men with lofty assumptions of themselves to stand between you and what I have ordained for you in this season.  This is the hour of direct access to My heart, direct exposure to the glory that rests between the cherubim.  Come forward and receive the token of your access today for it is yours and it is your entitlement.

December 14, 2015.   I became a living sacrifice for you now I ask that you sacrifice some things for Me.  Forget about your past, forgive those who have hurt you.  Lean on, rely on and trust in Me.  Let go of all the things holding you back from being completely free in Me.  I died to give you complete and utter freedom.  I have paid the price, now pick up your cross and follow Me.  Walk in the new roadways I have died to give you.  Follow after Me. Let go of all those things that have hurt you.

Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.   There is no captivity in Me, only be captured by Me, by My beauty, by My love for you.  I desire to see you grow into all that I have planned for you.  I desire to see you fulfilling your kingdom call.  I AM waiting patiently on you says the Lord.  Exchange your bread for the bread of My word.  Fill your heart and mind with songs of thanksgiving towards Me.  Bless you dear children.  I love you!

December 13, 2015.   The Father Says Today that I AM singing My song over you this day.  Beloved do you know why I created music?  Because music is the only thing in the universe that comes close to reflecting My mind, My heart and My love wherewith I have loved you.  My thoughts are not dry or analytical toward you.  My thoughts – all of My thoughts toward you are sonnets of love, anthems of fidelity and hymns of grace.  My grace by which you are saved is set to music that even angels cannot intone with all their ability and talent that I have given them.  Can you hear My sound?  My sound is writing its chorale on the tablets of your heart.  Your sound is unique and distinct from every other creature on earth or in heaven.  Your sound is authored by My hand and My plan – the symphony of the ages is incomplete without your sound.

Go out in your day and sing your sound today says the Father.  Sing your sound with your smile. Sing your sound with your uplifted hands – in worship to Me.  Worship beloved is so much more than mere instruments and voices can produce.  Every moment of your existence you blink in and out of creation to a rhythm and a sound that originates in My heart.  You are My sound and you are My song.  Be harmonized to that instrumentation says the Father and you will know peace and joy and completeness beyond anything you have experienced in this life.

December 12, 2015.   The Father says today that My love and My favor is overshadowing you and protecting you this day.  Beloved – love is Who I am in your life and in the earth.  My love is the one great constant in the universe and the one consistent gift that rings with a clarion call down through all human history.  Every breath and every heartbeat that man has drawn from the dawn of time is a love gift from My heart.  Do you know that you are loved?  Every breath you breathe is Me saying I love you.  Every beat of your heart is Me saying I love you.  Every step you take, every movement of hands and feet – that’s Me saying I love you.

You can’t counterfeit that love My Beloved.  I so loved that I gave and I have never stopped giving.  Purpose to move toward the gift I am giving this day. No more excuses.  No more anger or self-justification. No more fear.  Just come here to Me for I have prepared a place here by you that where I am you might be.  Here by Me is your solace and your security.  Here by Me is everything the enemy would have you think I’m holding out on you.  Come and receive.  Come partake at My table that is spread this day for you.

December 11, 2015.    The Father Says Today you are forgiven.  I choose no recollection of the disobedience and failures of your past.  All of your iniquities are lost in the chasm of My love.  Your sins were plunged into a fountain of cleansing when I gave My Son to die for your iniquities.  Every sin, every transgression, every stain of misconduct dissipates and ceases to exist in the ocean of My love expressed in Christ.  Beloved do not allow the enemy to run a game on you with shame and guilt and accusation.  The accuser has spoken over you and I have spoken over you as well.  Who do you think gets the last word?

Go out in your day and be the Beloved.  Your primary purpose in life is to be the Beloved.  To be loved with the love that sent the Son to the cross where I as a Father was pleased to bruise Him there – for you.  You are the Beloved.  Be loved says the Father.  Move toward Me in your humanity and not away from Me.  Move toward My sound that is whirling upon the breezes and making it’s way to you.  No more fig leaf distractions.  I choose you.  I take you.  I accept you.  Come to Me for your cleansing and your change will be made complete.

December 10, 2015.   The Father says today you are up for the task before you in your own strength and more than up for the tasks at hand in the power of the Lord in this new challenge and position before you.  I AM with you says the Father and I will never leave you or forsake you.  The time of resting and waiting is over – now is the time of ruling and reigning.  Your season of increase and promotion is just beginning.  You are not going to believe just how easy this is going to be.  Lay aside the opinions and the hesitancy and trepidation.

I’ve only shown you a part of where I AM taking you.  I AM about to radically increase your life for ministry portion and kingdom purpose.  You are the son and the daughter of My right hand and I AM dropping upon you the favor of My throne that will provoke others – you have a Joseph anointing to be the doer of all that is done and you are well able says the Father, and your promotion season and acceleration process has just begun so LAUGH for I AM in all for your benefit and blessing!

December 9, 2015.   The Father says today I AM going to separate you from false responsibility and I AM going to give solutions that will bring relief and even rejoicing to your family.  Get quiet and wait on Me.  Do not allow the turbulence and difficult swirling around you to manipulate and drive you to frustration and despair.  WAIT ON ME, says the Father for I am at hand, and I AM bringing solutions not only to the problem, but to the need.  The Father says “go first class all the way…”  Put your faith on what only I can make happen.  Remember the shoes of the Israelites that didn’t wear out for 40 years in the wilderness. Even your personal property is blessed of Me.  You will see this as a sign and a wonder and an indication that I AM even involved with your stuff because I AM personally invested in every area of your life.

My thoughts toward you are more than the sand of the sea and more than the stars of the heavens.  You have washed up on the shores of a new city and I AM now forging new connections for kingdom purpose.  I AM bringing permanence of promotion into your lives.  This is “come up higher time”.  I AM drawing you out of many waters and establishing you as a beacon of My faithfulness.  Your testimony will touch many lives and people will even come as it were to sit at your feet because they see the favor of God working in you and they desperately desire it for themselves.  Family members will begin to view you differently as the gospel of household salvation takes hold.  You are the blessed of your Father and your blessing time has come!

December 8, 2015.   The Father says today to get ready to soar.  Get ready for divine interruption and Godspeed acceleration in your life that will retool and reconfigure your life for NOW and for MORE than you can ever ask or think.  Can you take NOW for an answer says the Father?   My favor is knocking at the door.  Opportunity is coming not in a singular way but in a multiplicity of ways.

I am bringing you out … in many ways your life has in this season been like wandering in the wilderness, but that is about to change.  I have been the water from the rock and the manna every morning but now, as Joshua at Jericho, the walls that have excluded you from opportunity are going to open up.  They are going to open up, and you are going to have not one but many – multiple opportunities opening up to you in employment and even in ministry portion.  As you seek first the kingdom – all things will be added.  Go out and sow your life into kingdom purpose and I will cause the job – even the dream job to rise up to meet you.  It will tap you on the shoulder and become a “suddenly” from heaven that will reconfigure your whole life for My blessing says the Father.

December 7, 2015.   The Father says today as you relinquish that outcome to Me, relinquish that loneliness, I will bring you into your highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  I have a plan says the Father and you are not in delay and you will not be denied.  Do you trust Me says the Father?  Do you trust that My hand is at work?  My template for your life is the highest and best and more than you could ever ask or think.  Some of you have bemoaned that you have waited so long – and your hope is deferred.  So let hope arise!  Let hope arise and let faith have it’s place and know that I am fully able to do this which seems impossible to you.  Dismiss the voice of the enemy that taunts you with the lies that you are unlovable and that no one will want you or that you have this fault or that fault.  Dismiss the lies!

If you will take your hand off the tiller, take your hand off the steering wheel and let Me do this My way, I will fast track you into the relationship I have for you.  Fast track you into that relationship which was ordained for you from before the foundation of time.  Can you take NOW for an answer?   It is not good to be alone says the Father, therefore I declare over you, YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE and YOUR BLESSING TIME HAS COME.

December 6, 2015.   The Father says today My child, get ready for a surprisingly atypical outcome and deliverance in your scheduled medical procedure.  The surgeons and physicians are going to do what they can do and I want you to trust in the knowledge I have given them and the ability to apply this in your behalf.  I want you to remember that I am the great physician and not a practicing physician.  I know just what you need and even now I am releasing to you an outcome of blessing and it will surpass all the expectation of others – they will say “we are quite pleased with your progress that is better than others in your case…” the Father says I am with you and I am working in your behalf.  Trust me for the outcome and know that this circumstance looking back will be but a footnote in the testimony of a long life lived in God’s favor and blessing.

Are you in the medical field?  Do you practice the healing arts?  Are you a caring giver of help to the sick and infirm?  Trust Me to heal through your hands for I have said you shall lay hands upon the sick and they will recover.  I AM not against you, I AM for you and as you yield the results of your ministrations to Me and release the outcomes and trust Me you shall see the gifts of healing and miracles in operation says the Father.

December 5, 2015.   The Father says today that I wrap My gentle arms around you when you sob quietly into the night.  I restore that joy and happiness that you once knew, for pain only endures for the night and surely joy comes in the morning.  For you shall find rest before the morning draws near, so that you can go out and face the world and all that life has to throw at you, in confidence, and with a smile, assured that I AM always with you and the battle is already won says the Father!

Receive this comfort and these promises from My word… “He will not let your foot slip – He who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.  You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.”  Let My delivering power be upon you and within you says the Father.

December 4, 2015.   The Father says today let My delivering power be upon you and within you.  During the stillness of the night, when you seem to hear nothing but the silence that surrounds you, and you can hear it because you are wide awake while all the world around seems to be at rest.  Even though you cannot find the words to tell Me what’s wrong, know that I understand you.  When you cry “search my heart, Oh Lord, take away the pain, take away the suffering, take away the troubles, restore peace and tranquility in my life.”  When your heart felt prayer is “Father give me strength to go on for I am tired and weary, but yet my eyes are wide open”, receive this comfort and these promises from My word… “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.  You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.”

When you harken this cry to Me, “Oh Lord, You alone know what I have been through and what I am going through at present and all that I ask is that You help me through it.  Savior, please hear my humble cry.  I lie here sleepless because it worries me, I feel so burdened and alone.  Please comfort me, I need You now more than ever.”  Know that you shall walk safely in your way, and your foot will not stumble.  When you lie down, you will not be afraid; yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet says the Father.

December 3, 2015.   The Father says today that MONEY MOVES BY THE SPIRIT – and in your life as you COOPERATE FINANCIALLY WITH ME.  I AM turning back the curse of poverty and want and lack where you are concerned.  For I AM going to refresh and renew within you a willing heart to give to ministry purpose.  For I would have you not only to give to a need, but to give to the anointing.  I AM going to cause you to feel and experience anointing from different ministries, and when you feel that anointing I want you to give in the moment.  If you have to go to the front and lay the money down on the altar or platform then do it.

What you make happen for others I will make happen for you.  Take a personal inventory of your life and your property and your personal possessions – do it quickly and do it now for YOUR RESPONSE TIME TO ME is a MEASUREMENT of MY RESPONSE TIME TO YOU … if you delay, I will delay.  If you are half hearted then things won’t happen that I am ready to do in your life.  Inventory your personal possessions and GIVE AWAY TO THE POOR EVERYTHING that is not necessary and needful to your life at this time.  Clothes you don’t wear, shoes you don’t wear, furniture you don’t sit on, appliances, cars you don’t drive, whatever may be a blessing to others, and I will open the windows of heaven and bring you into the economy of the kingdom that will completely reshape your financial life says the Father.

December 2, 2015.   The hundredfold return of your obedience to Me is about to be poured out in grace and mercy upon your life.  I want you to trust Me for the changes that I AM bringing about for you and within you.  I see the darkness and difficulty around you, almost like a garment of mourning but the time of mourning is past and the hour of rejoicing is at hand.  I AM causing you to relinquish the heavy burdens and run to Me.  Run to Me says the Father, for I AM all about YOKE EASY and burden light.

I AM lightening your load and lightening your countenance.  I AM restoring the innocence of youth and the newness of vitality and strength and hope.  I will cause you to hope and I will cause your hopes and desires to be met by My hand.  I AM dealing with you not according to your problem but I AM delivering you according to your need.  This is your hour and your season says the Father – relinquish all to Me and know that I AM superintending every aspect of your life.  Casting all upon Me for I will not fail to deliver you to the fullest!

December 1, 2015.   The Father says today I AM the anchor of hope, and I AM dropping the anchor of solidity and stability into your life.  I AM moving to still the restlessness and give you a walk with Me that you have never known.  As you seek Me, I will meet you and make Myself known to you.  I will take of My own and show it unto you and all the tentacles of darkness and regret from days past will be expunged and removed from your life.  I will bring wholeness, says the Father.  The day will come for a general warranty deed stamped “paid” for a family home.  The day will come where there will be good jobs and well-mannered and settled children.

Yes the journey will be long and at times challenging but know that this is the template that I am working from to liberate you and to heal your heart from things of the past and hurts and wounds from your youth.  You have a calling upon your life and I purpose to make you a joy – a detonation of joy and rejoicing in your home.  This is the plan that I am bringing forth says the Father and your eyes will see it and it will be marvelous to behold in due season says the Father.


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