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God Is About to Change the Trajectory of Your Life — 9 Comments

  1. Yes God gave me a challenge to change. Churches. With 1 King 18-21..I took the challenge and hav already God has healed me of a 4 month candida rash.
    He has given me fresh anointing.im blessed coming in a going out.

  2. Thank you Elaine. Very deep and sometimes cutting because God has given assignments and needs those HE has called to respond. No more resting on the backside and getting what the Lord needs done. Amen and Shalom.

  3. A clear channel station is one that owns a frequency where other stations cannot drift through. And so my prayer is: Lord, give me a clear channel station to hear you clearly and constantly too!

  4. Good beautiful Day Elaine.
    This is a timely word for me.
    In the year 2015 the Lord took me into a fasting, praying, studying the Word frenzy!! I mean literally 24/7. And the Grace to accomplish this was given. But this year he’s moved me into the “chair #2” you’ve described here. I still cover those past prayer burdens under His Blood, but the Season has most definitely changed. There is no grace for me in fasting and continual decreeing like there once was, but in resting. And as I’ve been obedient to do that (and it’s a hard transition) He’s been faithfully healing my mind and soul and body.
    There are people I’ve been involved in intercession with who believe I’ve become lazy and complacent, but quite the opposite is true. Fortunately, in ridding myself of the old, I no longer seek to find myself in they’re opinions or my own for that matter…..but His alone.
    I had a recent dream with Mel Gibson. The Lord was having him make four different kinds of chairs to the total of 3 million. Your 4 groups in this word caught my attention.
    God bless you beautiful lady, thank you for your obedience to share this powerful word of encouragement, I’m so so blessed!! :)

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