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  1. Thank you so much Lisa and Grace for those encouraging words and declarations over my life. I receive it in Jesus Name. Thank you for praying for me, I really felt an army standing with me in prayer. I know GOD knows when enough is enough. And he is in control. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in this. Thank You and GOD bless you all.

  2. When one is in hard times pressuring your every aspect of life, trials, espcially when it has gone on for a very long time, one tends to become fearful hat it wont improve and that He may not help and that its all up to yourself to get yourself out…and when you see others that seems to have been depressed beyond hope…you are afraid you will end up like them…cause you start to wonder why arent they out of it yet and why hadnt God helped them out already? Now…I dont know but its intimatating when you see all the hopeless people around and when you find yourself in hard times spiritually and emotionally and etc you just dont know anymore…praise the Lord Who will never abandon or leave us. One has to keep focus on Him and believe against all trying challenges that He will intervene and do miraculous wonderous new things for you and wait in hope and faith that what He is saying to you is true amidst all…that maybe those have given up and had not ever believed or gave up believing…but when He breaks forth and gives you a new future and hope and changed your sorrows into joy and renewed the joy of your salvation and transformed and purified you afresh…then you can go and tell them there is hope and help them and give them the truth! Amen. May God Most High do so everywhere. Amen.

  3. May He do so. Amen. I ve come to know that you need to be silent when waiting and not share and open up about it…many dont share what He has said and asked of you as individual and would want to argue with you about things…just wait on the LORD AND BE OBEDIENT TO HIM, while staying silent. Wait on Him. For others …most…will not understand.

  4. This morning I said to the LORD this is it for me, my life has come to an end I have come to a dead end, whichever way I turn there’s no hope, I have obeyed,submitted given my everything to the LORD,but if this is when my journey comes to an end and if GOD chooses not to come through for me so be it, I’m not going to fight I have nothing left in me, I have been in this financial situation for far to long, I obeyed GOD by leaving my job to focus on ministry and now out of my obedience to him I am in this situation which GOD has used to test and use this as a process in my life i submitted to it because I love him with all my heart. This morning I felt its Over for me, I will die in this and I will not be able to go forward in my destiny. Thank u for this Word, Its my last hope of holding on, I just can’t go on if GOD doesn’t come through for me.

    • Julie hang on , just call out to Jesus he will make himself known to you.  I know you seem very tired and maybe downhearted but I can tell you something you can count on GOD IS FAITHFUL if he had you to quit your job, there is a reason.  Don’t give up sister, just keep crying out to Jesus, he has wonderful plans for you, check out Jeremiah 29:11, and Gods is not a man that He should lie the bible says also, so sister even though you are tired just lay your worrys at the foot of the cross, lay them all on the Lord, he knows but he wants you to tell him and leave them there for him to deal with.  I will keep praying for you for a week.  i am posting some songs here that might be helpful for you.  God bless sister in Christ




    • Julie, I want to respond to your post. I too have suffered losses and sometimes have thoughts similar to the ones you shared. Know that I am praying for you. Last year I read post from Lonnie Mackley ministry titled ‘ You will not die in your cave” This prophecy blessed me & now I speak it over you. God bless you, He will restore you. Zech 9: 11-17, Isaiah 12 1-6, Isaiah 61 & 62. Amen

  5. I had just started focusing on the word resurrection past couple of days. Wrote that word in my journal over & over. Was just sitting here frustrated. Lord is this word for me? I don’t want what’s meant for someone else but it sure screams thru my soul. Jesus let me experience your resurrection power in my relationship that was full of the holy spirit. Don’t let it dwindle. I speak life. Show me your living power jesus. God bless Geraldine overflow.

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