Perception and The Holy Spirit


There are some things, that we are never going to be able to figure out; not on our own.  Our human eyes, are not strong enough to see things in the Spirit; nor our natural ears acute enough to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church today.  Throughout endless measures of time, our kind has tried to know everything there is to know about how the world operates; how so many things, came to be as they are.  We’ve attempted to run the planet, on men’s wisdom and knowledge; and we’ve even tried to run the church, in the same manner.  Man alone, always seems lacking.

Jesus could perceive things, because He was full of the Holy Ghost.  He could sense what the church leaders around Him were thinking; He knew the things they reasoned in their hearts, and among themselves.  For this reason, He was always one step ahead of them.  It’s apparent, they were always frustrated, because it gave Him an edge, they did not have.  As we gain experience in life, and as we age, we often become more equipped in sensing and knowing what others are up to; often, what they’re thinking or that they are questioning something.  We even say, that some people have a “sixth sense,” in that they have a knack for feeling things out.  But it does not matter how world-wise we become, our best, is always very limited.

It took Eli, three times, before he perceived that the Lord was calling unto Samuel.  Just because we are elders and have many years in dealing with people, or even things of the church, doesn’t mean we always know what is best.  The scripture bears that out; aged men are not always wise.  It may very well depend, on just how full of the Spirit, we are; how acutely we are listening for the voice of the Lord; how much we desire to be following the leading of the Holy Ghost.  Immature Christians, have very little perception in the Spirit; their spiritual senses, have not been exercised; they simply can not accurately discern, what is good, and what is bad.  They just can’t.

Because spiritual senses of many, have become dull over the years, it is likely, that they are going to make decisions, based on self, that will prove to be costly.  When we rise up to confront a situation in self and it is a condition of the spirit, we are going to lose.  I’ve tried it already.  We are now living in a time when there is so much anger and violence.  It can cause us to want to react; often times, to give it right back to them.  What seemed like the right retort, can quickly change the situation into something much more ugly in spirit.  We did not see, the spirit of that person; we also may not have seen that there was a spirit of darkness provoking this person.  On the road while driving, a simple exchange of shouts, can turn deadly.

While there is much needed focus on the gifts of the Spirit in this hour; we must not forget, that every Spirit-filled person, has spiritual ability.  While there are special gifts in perception that are placed in the church, each and every born-again believer, has a built in sensor; in matters that are indeed spiritual.  However, the only way to tap this resource, or for it to work at the proper times, is to stay full of the Spirit.  In a matter fact way of speaking, the less Oil we keep in our vessels, the less discerning ability we have.  I don’t feel we are always one hundred percent these days; however, I do think that each of us should strive to stay as full of the Spirit as we can.  We do that through prayer, fasting in whatever way we can, and by studying the Word of God.

The Holy Ghost is a perceiver; and He never misses.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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