God Is Changing the Story and Rewriting the History!


I Declare;  God is changing the story and rewriting the history of your family, community and nation.

“Here I AM”, says God.

“Your desperate, unrelenting and restless heart; your unfilled hunger and unsatisfied thirst for more and more and more of my presence is what has drawn you to this place, the place of fresh encounter, where deep calls to deep.”

I hear the Spirit say, “My beloved, return to your first love.  Seek and surrender in this season and I will reawaken your senses to the fragrance of My love, and the arresting power of My presence will take hold of you, and the fullness of the anointing will refill and saturate your inner most being.

For who can stand in My presence and not be changed and transformed?”  says God.

“See, in this season, I AM opening eyes and reigniting hearts.

This is the place of fresh encounter and divine exchange.  This is fertile ground, where the barren become fruitful, the fearful become courageous, the weak are made powerful, and the hopeless are filled with renewed vision.”

The Spirit says, “In this season, watch!  For I AM changing your story and rewriting your history.

Yes, beloved, My hand is moving to rewire and awaken you to divine purpose and destiny.  For out of the place of deeper encounter will come radical revelation that will lead too radical transformation.

Look, for a new spirit I have put within you, and a new identity I have given you.”

Father says, “I have called you by a new name!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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