God is exposing

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Unexpected promotions

While studying and meditating on scripture placed in my spirit by The Lord.

There was an overwhelming and undeniable word that ranged out in my spirit through the Holy Spirit.  I could literally hear the word, “promotion.

We are in a season of unexpected promotions that will come only by the glory of god’s hand and not through the manipulation of any man.

Many individuals who have battled through much spiritual warfare but yet remained steadfast in The Lord will unexpectedly be promoted, both spiritually and physically by the hand of God.

This is why it is important to remain steadfast and focused even in adverse situations ,because this promotion is setting you up for your “divine and ordained” place in God.

See also:  Psalms 105:19;  Genesis 41;  Genesis 50:19.


God is exposing

Don’t be surprised to see how some people around you will suddenly reveal their true character, motives, and their true identity.

In this season, God is exposing and weeding out individuals who are around you but mean you no good.

He is revealing who they really are while they smile in your face, they have a knife in your back.  But God is allowing it and this is his way of eliminating those who will not share in the place where he is taking you.

Because of their evil motives and intents, He is definitely exposing people for who they really are!


– by Geraldine Coleman

Geraldine ColemanGeraldine Coleman: Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.



God is exposing — 5 Comments

  1. geraldine, I have been in a situation with my fathers wife that kicked my son out for smoking weed. I don’t support this at all , but with my family’s history, my father would have never kicked my son out, I believe my father would have tried to do more to help him being that he is only 16. I really feel that this was her opportunity and she waited for her moment to get him out! I might be wrong but I don’t believe your word caught my eye as a coincidence.

  2. Hi Cindy….God will surely reveal wrong motives.. but remain steadfast in prayer so that he will lead you in the right direction for handling the situation. I pray for peace and May God bless you and your family.

  3. God is exposing, Geraldine. Where I live with characters who is now showing their true characters including racial and I once cared for these people. But vengeance is mine said the Lord. In a way, I feel I deserve the attacks against me and do question reasons why. But he’s letting me know those smile in ur face are nothing but backstabbers. And I know he say to love, pray, forgive ur enemies.

  4. I am so hearing God through your prophetic gifts,, Its like everything you have said today is speaking to exactly what has taken me down,, I am in the 8th year of Hell on earth due to Jealous people.. It is so encouraging for me to hear this word,, Amen Thank you