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  1. May I add a word that is related? The Lord has told me that when the corruption in our country is exposed and dealt with—and it will be—that it will be as if a black cloud of spiritual oppression is suddenly lifted off of the USA. It will be like turning a switch. It will not take months or years, but will happen suddenly. He said we really have no idea how spiritually oppressed we, as a nation, have been by the evil that’s run rampant here, and again—it will be as if a heavy, thick, oppressive black cloud has lifted off our nation.

    And I hear, over and over, that it will be suddenly. A picture I get is a toy train on a track, a good track, but there is a hand and a force of some kind that is continually trying to derail it; to push it to either side and slow it down. A very strong force. But this oppressive force will suddenly be taken away—and this train, which is on a good track, will race forward with strength and speed and power, free from opposing forces.

    The Lord has told me that our country has actually been on a very good track, but like the toy train, has been constantly fighting against forces that have tried very hard to derail it. Our nation will now be free to speed forward on the good and Godly track put in place by those Christian men and women who have gone before us.

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