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God Is Up to Something Good! — 7 Comments

  1. Father You know I have been quick to obey you in every way in this season… I haven’t always understood why it’s been the way it’s been but I’m trusting you for the outcome. I saw what you showed me in the beginning and I’m seeing You working in me and in the lives of so others….. it is huge and marvelous, and I thank you!!  You are an awesome God

    Please help us to yield to your precious Holy Spirit, LEARN OF YOU and be open to even more of the depth of your glory, your power, your love.

  2. Thank you for this word Lord… There’s no words left to pray, holding the hope in my heart. I’m holding on. thank you for this word… thank you for all that you’ve done.

  3. This word exactly Lord….. thank you thank you precious Lord for hearing my heart. I had no more words to pray. I held hope in my heart and I kept looking for you. I’m holding on… I’m holding on.  thank you Jesus

  4. Oh Wow! Lincoln Erik Cassis here. You have no idea how true and right this is! Praise God and thank you for hearing from the Holy Spirit for those who are hard of hearing.

    I will hang on just a while longer knowing God is in Control and that my victory is near by and certain.

    I being waiting. God is in Control.

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