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God Is Your Healer and He Is Your Protector — 4 Comments

  1. Father I thank you for your love to me & my family. Thank you Lord for the confirmation through Dear Kelley that I am SET FREE. This afternoon before I saw your post, I FELL into a deep sleep & dreamed my elder sister & i were told by a man “we have been in prison”. My sister stubbornly said NO as she said she has been moving about freely in the physical. The man beckoned on me to come & see & when i followed him, i could hardly see inside the small prison room as it was very DARK/BLACK. I then told my sister, its SATANIC PRISON where people could be ALIVE but their SPIRITS are CAGED in there. The same man who told us about our imprisonment in the dream was the one who signed for our RELEASE/FREEDOM. HALLELUJAH! JESUS HAS SET US FREE!  I pray right now for God to SET FREE as many that are in any form of satanic prison in Jesus name. Let Mercy soeak for all brethren & our family on HKP & all over the world in Jesus name. More anointing Dear Kelley.

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