God Has Prepared the Means!

6 Words in 1

A Word for Someone

I have a word for someone who has been crying out to God about your situation, for God sent me to tell you that He has heard your prayer and is coming to wipe away your tears.

New joy is coming to you!

And God says, “I have set an open door before you which no man can shut.”

Hey, whatever door you’ve been waiting for to open is given to you.  Come on, take it in Jesus’ name!

Coming in the Future

I went into the spirit and saw 3 things that are coming in future:

  1. Diseases that have defied medicine will find cure. Elderly people with alzheimers will receive new leases of life.
  2. New ultra-thin, bendable and stylish tabs will come into the market.
  3. Mind-boggling financial breakthroughs coming to many.

To every hand that responds amen, No. 3 is yours!

Take it in Jesus’ name!

Child of God

Child of God, your struggles to enter into destiny are over.

For in a vision I saw destiny helpers being released, so many of them.

What would take you a long time to accomplish will now be done fast.

Key words: some of them are coming from your past, and therefore it will be important not to despise them.

This August you will see it.  Hey, receive them in Jesus’ name!

A Declaration

By the apostolic anointing on my life, I declare it: the same speed by which Joseph went from the last to the first shall be your portion this week.

I command whatever made you weep in the night to be turned into double joy and what brought you to shame to be turned into double honor.

To every hand that types amen, I declare: it is released to you.  Take it in Jesus’ name!

A New Season

Favored one, I perceived that we are in a new season where God is releasing new mantles of dominion that will cause many to walk in the spirit and power of Elijah working miracles and commanding powers of darkness into submission.

Stay in the presence of God to receive instructions for your next assignment.

If your spirit resonates with this Word, then say it: I am one of them!

God Has Prepared the Means!

No matter how tough things are in your life right now, God has already prepared the means for the kind of turnaround that you need.

I prophesy:   As you listen in to this Word, your bitterness situation will turn into ‘betterness’, in Jesus’ name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi




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