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God Showed Me 18 Places in the Nation of America! — 20 Comments

  1. 18 is the Number of LIFE in Judaism… the hand od the LORD is upon ALL 50 States and TRUTH BE KNOWN AND TRUTH SHALL SET FREE… NOT ONLY IN THESE 18 STATES BUT IN EVERYONE of the 50 States… 50th Year of JUBILEE.2021-2022.. PEOPLE: PRAY FOR SHEMA SHALOM TO JERUSALEM & US & THE WORLD THROUGH US… THE RATTELING WILL SHAKE EVERYTHING that can be shaken and remove tbe WICKED of the Earth like Dross (impurities).PSALM 119:119.. MAY the RED SEA part as in the days of old to rebuild the fallen HUT of KING David AMOS 9:11 MAY the biggest revival start even NOW… from East to West & South to North.  Revival will sweep across USA EZEKIEL 37:22 & ISAIAH 49:22 GUIDING ALL INTO REPENTANCE & RESTORATION… . PRAYING FOR MINNESOTA…LAND OF 10000 LAKES…SHALOM TO ALL.  THANK YOU very MUCH for your insights…  http://www.watchandpray.love Amen. 

  2. Thank You Lord for manifesting Your Glory according to 2 Chrinicles 7:14. We repent and we receive CONTAGIOUS REVIVAL IN OUR Land. Amen

  3. This confirms what God said about Texas leading change for other states to follow.  Texas is the central and LoneStar for God to make changes and Houston is its heart beat!

  4. All I can do is weep for what I see coming – what we’ve prayed for so very long is about to come forth!  His Holy Glory covering this earth for the BILLION SOUL HARVEST!!!  Oh dear Lord, I give You all praise, honor & glory from the depths of my heart. 
    Just as You said; “I shall have My America, I shall have My inheritance, I shall have My nations, I shall have My Bride!”
    Indeed Lord of the Harvest, You shall!  Lead us Holy Spirit

  5. My Ohio is considered the sword that swings the states, & I’m encouraged by your report. I will continue to pray and look with expectation the miracles and signs brought forth. Thank you!

  6. Pls intercede for Washington State where Bill Gates lives & he & his foundation along with Wuhan have a stranglehold. Our Governor (who flies under the radar) & the state & most local government agencies are a part of it.

  7. Pls intercede for Wahington State where Bill Gates lives & he & his foundation have a foothold along with Wuhan. Our Governor is part of all of it but flies under the radar & is like a snake.

  8. A great big ‘thank you’ from Texas: where healings, open borders and great evil are engaged in a tremendous battle. America’s enemies are both north and south and Washington threatens to tear down the border permanently. Good to hear from you again, Veronika!

  9. I live in PA. Thank you for your encouraging words from the Lord. U have been involved with various groups as well as Church praying for God to break the strongholds over Pa.i saw a vision years ago that the Lion of Judah was walking through Communities at night and He stop and roar over houses ️ and then lights from the homes would come on Our God is moving in a mighty way

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