God’s Love and Mercy vs. Judgment


God’s Love Gift

Jehovah, Father God, the creator and sustainer of all creation is fully present on earth in the Holy Spirit by His only begotten Son Christ Jesus preparing many Sons, joint heirs with Christ Jesus, to redeem man and restore the earth to the garden Kingdom of God.

It is insanity to reject or ignore this indescribable love gift in favor of striving independently to rule our own lives and subsequently the world, our own way without God.

Fully receiving and embracing this love gift of God with heartfelt humble gratitude and total love, admiration, and worship to the one and only true God is sanity and wisdom.

In an attempt to rule the world, a powerful anti-Christ spirit that we call Satan or the devil lifts up other schemes of other gods that are false masks of himself to deceive and inflame the world against the true love and provision of God for His people and His world.

Some of the devils most deceptive masks are secular humanism, secular democracy, godless communism, godless capitalism, fascism, and perhaps the most cunningly deceptive of all is infected religious systems.  These are used to combat and attempt to destroy the love gift of God, the fruitful garden of the kingdom of Christ through His people on earth.

Sanity is restored in the world by the return of the saints to sanctity in Christ Jesus.

The deepest move of God on earth is presently seeded into the earth.  It is now growing a sound root system and is sprouting through the soil of the burned out ruins of the world’s religious and secular humanistic systems.  The sprout of the love gift of God’s kingdom rule is gaining strength and growing into place.  Roots are spreading underground and sprouting up into view of the world.

The appearance of the growing reality of the pure love gift of the kingdom is extremely frightening to the anti-Christ spirits. I n wild panic the demonic forces are going all out in an attempt to conquer all the world and destroy every sprout of the true kingdom and the very name of Jesus, Yeshua, from the earth.

The extreme efforts of the evil one to destroy the growing kingdom of Christ Jesus is exposing the true nature of anti-Christ behind the many masks of false gods.  Many deceived people are now beginning to recognize that they have been deceived by the false masks and are awakening from their deceived slumber.  The false super heroes of their chosen “isms” or being exposed as self-oriented flagrant egotistical and boasting of super strength that they do not truly possess.

Finally, the people of God are awakening to the reality that no religious form or “ism” with all its striving can sanctify them and keep them pure and holy.

Only the gift of the love of God manifesting within and upon us by the Spirit of the Living God can bring us to sanctity.

In the sanctuary of love, all the treasures and resources of heaven are made available to us to destroy the deceptive and murderous works of the enemy, and to re-plant the earth with the pure holy love of God producing the pleasant garden of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Spirit-led Apostolic Forerunners

Forerunners are the first to die to their false gods and self-governing systems and become fully alive in Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus in His kingdom apostles are ordinary people of God serving as forerunners of the now manifesting Spirit rule of love.  God’s love is consuming our past and planting the precious seed of a virgin church untouched by the ways of man and the “isms” of false gods.

Love is the answer.  Love for God is the difference between a decaying world on fire and the beautiful garden of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Christ Jesus is the full expression of the Love of Father God for the world and all people.  The true passion of God’s love is unquenchable and will never end. God has never and will never do anything apart from His pure holy love.  His love is beyond natural understanding.  Please understand that we cannot, with our natural minds, fully understand the absolute love of God.

Let me say that again. God has never and will never do anything apart from His pure holy love.  It may be difficult for natural minds to understand that the severe judgments of God were not outside of His love.  The great flood and Sodom and Gomorrah, two of the many corrective and cleansing judgments upon the earth, were from the love of God just as much as the birth, life, and cross of Christ Jesus were from the love of God.  God is good and all that He does is good.

Mankind’s natural understanding of what is good and what is bad is not the same as eternal God’s all-seeing and all-knowing understanding.

Some acts of God that may seem bad to our natural minds from our very limited perspective are truly acts of love if seen from the eternal perspective of God.  If we are devastated about anything, we may yet be in need of the greater fullness of the Spirit of God resting upon us and arising from within us to manifest the pure holy love and the sanctity of God that bring us to sanity in God.

Where then is the culprit of the evil on earth that demands the cleansing judgments of God’s love?

The fault is not with God and not directly with the devil.  The devil is defeated and can only do what we (mankind) cause to be allowed.  The failure is on the part of man.

Cleansing judgment is only allowed by man’s failure to receive and respond to the affectionate love provisions of God.  Man’s turning away from God and refusing to turn back to him prevents the ark of the presence of God from resting upon the people or the family, tribe, or nation.  The loss of the protection and safety of the ark of God’s presence upon people leaves them open to the destructive forces of the enemy.

The cleansing judgment is to cause people to quickly turn back to God with our whole hearts and again be restored in the pure love and protection of His presence upon and within us.  Only after refusal to turn back to God are the destructive severe judgments allowed to cleanse the earth by removing all who will not turn from their evil way to God, thus making room for those who will turn to God with their whole hearts, thus the humble people of God inherit the earth, and the Kingdom of God grows on earth.

Neither God nor His people have any pleasure in destructive earth-cleansing judgment. It is never the will of God that any should perish.  However, God has given free will to man to choose to become His pure holy Bride people or not.  Man’s choice to reject God and serve another god is to his own peril and has an effect on the world.

Each person has some effect on other people around them.  The love of God will eventually stop the progression of those who cause others to stumble with their worship of other gods.  If it is not stopped, true faithful children of God will be affected by their ungodly ways. T he destruction of evil is in part for the protection and safety of the true people of God.  It is better for a man that a stone be tied around his neck and cast into the sea and drowned than to offend one of God’s little ones.  When the blind lead the blind, they both will fall.

Death and life are set before us; choose life!

It is set before us this day to choose whether to turn from our false secular or religious gods of self-rule to the true and living God with our WHOLE HEARTS.  To continue in the mixtures of seeking to serve God and at the same time continue to serve other gods will not prosper and cannot continue into the fruitful garden life of the kingdom.

Choose God’s way with your whole heart and life and step into the circle of His Spirit ark of safety and protection in His garden kingdom.

We are not responsible for others decisions.  However, we are each responsible for the influence that our life has upon those around us.  A choice to remain involved with religious or secular false gods instead of turning to the one true God with our whole heart will have a negative effect on others.  Just as our decision to turn to God with our whole heart will have a positive godly effect on others around us.

Let us yield to the love of God to have its full affect in our lives and encourage those around us.  The miraculous healing power of God’s love will flow through us to the world around us.  The pleasant peaceful garden of God’s kingdom life will grow and prosper in us, and we will be seeded into the world to grow and multiply the love and glory of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Love wins, and it never fails!

Do not fear little flock; it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.


~ Ron McGatlin

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Ron McGatilnRon McGatlin Ron has over 55 years of seeking to serve God in ministry and business.  Barbara has served in pastoral and Christian education positions for over 10 years.  They currently make their home in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA.  Ron has written 5 books on revival and the in-breaking kingdom and continues to write powerful apostolic/prophetic articles published weekly in the OpenHeaven.com Digest.

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