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The Hammer of Truth — 1 Comment

  1. God has, no doubt, sent me to these pages and to your place.
    It is often He speaks to me through you something that is directly connected to some experience I have had, sometimes the very same day I read your pages.
    I (as we all are) am in a constant war at my working place(s). About telling the truth. Or rather about telling lies to sick people, which the staff want me to do but I always refuses to tell any kind of lie.
    This weekend I got so stirred up that I shouted that I will not lie and that every lie is from Satan and darkness. Amen!
    I had to pray a lot afterwards because I shouted in front of many people and I can loose my job because of this, but I don’t care, because all liars and all cowards will go to the lake of fire, and I am not on that path.
    I am convinced that if I stay in and on the truth, the Lord will give me an even better work if I must quit.
    Today I read this. God comforts me and confirms my way through you. Hallelujah!
    God Bless You Jim, from northern Europe