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I AM doing fresh things for those with ME — 4 Comments

  1. God Bless You Debra for sharing this, and God Bless all God’s obedient and trustworthy children whom now will enter into this glorious season.

  2. Awesome words I received this day from the Holy Spirit of God, spoken so clearly define with clarity spoken into my heart of hearts, for indeed it is so, it is true for I have done these things and more as it is spoken here:
    You did not let go of Me, you held on to Me, and I would not let go of you.  So now I have breathed into you fresh new life that you might be able to do the things that you did not think were possible for you.  Since you have always chosen Me, never given up on Me, never letting go of Me, never stopping My word from your heart, never preventing the plan that I have for you, now says the Lord, you will step out into your promises and they will begin to fall like rain all around about you.
    Yes this Prophetic words are speaking to me, I receive it fully this day, for I know my Father’s hand is upon me, leading and guiding me every step of the way, for I have passed the Test, for the Father has spoken today from your Post here, that he is bringing it to pass, and he is even doing it Now, Glory to God!
    Thank you Jesus! Yes I kept on, Father God, of finding that secret place in you I kept running to you in all things, seeking your face, seeking your wisdom, your instructions everything which pertains to you, in this life, wanting to please you more and more, for I am an overcomer in you. Thank you Pastor Debra Lowe, for sharing these awesome beautiful words spoken today, for as I read them, tears flowed from my eyes, still are, and I have been touched this day knowing help.  Deliverance is on the way, Glory, honor and praises lifted up to you, to you Father God, for bringing it all to pass in my life. I have come to the fountain of life to drink,filled to overflowing as never before. I declare this is my year of Greatness.
    This is my year of Abundance, This is my year of Supernatural Increase, This is my year of Favor, This is my year of Recompense, This is my year of the Glory, resting upon me, This is my year of unlimitiness, This is my year to shine, his Glory, is Risen upon me. I am blessed coming in, blessed going out. I’m the head and not the tail. I am Highly Favored of the Lord, his blessings shall surround me as a shield. I take my Stand for Christ, in him I live and breathe. Thank You in Advance Father God, for your Words, they are Life to me. Amen and Amen !
    Blessings to you Precious Heart, for sharing the good news today.

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