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God’s Reset! — 7 Comments

  1. Man of God, thank you for the words to equip and edify the Body of Christ. Most of us can identify w/much of what you describe occurring in and outside the Church. Prophetic voices describing the “scattering and gathering” as We LET God arise! And the gathering of every kind, and kindred, denominational or non-denomination, every ethnicity from every nation under heaven. Acts 2:5,6 – when we unify in the same language ( spiritually ). Rev.1:20 helps us to know the different kinds of churches that will always exist, individually or corporately. WE are the Remnant. Amen. God bless you richly.

  2. He is turning back the hands of time by His grace as He takes His church back to the true beginning in the Reset. So timely, Chris..we need to be still and know that HE is still GOD! Blessings to you and Linda, Sandi

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