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  1. Climbing that same Jacob,s Ladder, walking that same Calvary Road and being discipled at Jesus feet. This is the time, time to speak!!!! You are not alone.  I left a church building 4 years ago Went back to my Jewish Roots. Jesus has taught me, The Torah( first 5 Books was missing and is missing in the Church The Feasts are so much more than we were taught especially Feast of Weeks, 7 emotions and 5 senses. 
    I personally believe “first phase of your spiritual life” God has called me to work on The Tabernacle of David and The Third Temple, for me a 30 year journey. We can accomplish all through “Yielding” and being “God’s instrument” Continue to speak Truth!  Our Fathers heart is breaking. You are honoring our Father!!!!
    Your sister in Christ Nancy Holste, Fall City Washington

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