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Happy High Holy Days! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for this word, all along I have read about these holidays, but unfortunately I have not come across any church or congregation that observes them in the area I live, anyone who knows who/ where in Uganda in Mbarara or surrounding in particular. Thank you so much for any information.

  2. I love the Holy days appointed by God, let’s celebrate brethren because Heaven is celebrating them too. They’re feasts of the Lord according to Leviticus 23 that He gave us to keep. Happy feast of Trumpets everyone.

  3. Thank you for this outstanding teaching. I always thought it was a Jewish holiday. The teachings in Christian churches are incorrect.  I’m gonna read the Bible and do some research to find out more information and share with others I will honor God during His holy days. Happy Holy
    Holidays….continue to be blessed!

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