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In a State of Ichabod — 4 Comments

  1. Do you know anything about the Adamic spirit?  We hear a lot about a Jesebelle spirit, but nothing about an Adamic spirit. Paul talks a lot about our old man and the works of the flesh.

  2. Whew. Nothing new under the sun woman of God! 1Sam. reads like nations today. As the Body of Christ, we are clear, that Ex. 22:18 today, means not to give life to a “voice” operating under this illegitimate spirit. It has many forms, but more recognized w/no root – nor fruit. I believe this is why we’re admonished in 1Tim.5:22 in appointing leaders. As you said, the DNA of the Holy Spirit in us prevails over all. God says so.

  3. Thank you for such a powerful word.Many of the things you mention is happening in several of the churches, which causes individuals to be defeated,no support or encouragement from leaders.I pray that God will bring changes to the Body of Christ.When one hurts -it affects the entire church.Bless you my Sister!

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