Receive and Be a Vessel of Increase!


The precious Holy Spirit quickened this word to me this morning as I walked and talked with him, in the early hours.

I saw angels on assignment carrying vessels of increase across the earth.  I saw ancient wells opening up across the nations.

There is a divine deployment of angels in this hour for the purpose of a great spiritual awakening.

I submit this Word is now being made manifest upon the earth.

Watch!  For angels carrying vessels of increase are now moving upon the earth!

Let us guard our hearts against the many pitfalls of the prophetic ministry.  May it never become common place and cliché.

The day that we lose the significance of the prophetic ministry, I believe we will lose the grace that flows upon it and the power that is carries to bring transformation and change to the lives of many people.

Early this morning, I was woken by a angelic presence in my room.  I did not see the angel in the natural, but I discerned the weightiness of its presence.  I knew he had come to reveal something to me.  Now as I leaned into the glory, I was taken into a powerful spiritual encounter.

The Ancient Well

I found myself standing in a large field and in the distance I could see what looked like a well!

Now I could see the angel standing beside me, drawing me to come closer to the well in the field.  As I got nearer, I noticed that the angel carried in his hands what looked like a very large clay vessel.

Immediately by revelation, I knew that the angel that stood beside was carrying the “Vessel of Increase“.

Now as I was drawn towards the well, I could see that it looked very deep and the mouth of it was very wide.  The angel then came alongside me and handed me the clay jar.

As I took hold of it, I began to fasten the handle of the vessel to a rope that lay upon a small brick wall.  Slowly, I began to lower the clay vessel into the well until I could feel it touching the water at the bottom.

The jar was quickly submerged and when I felt that the weight of the water in the jar, I began to draw the vessel upwards.

As the clay jar approached the top of the well, I could see that the jar was full and that the water was crystal clear and looked good to drink.

Then the angel spoke and instructed me to drink and to be satisfied.  As my lips touched the rim of the clay jar, I was instantly overwhelmed by the beautiful fragrance of the water.

Now as I took a small sip of the cool crystal clear water, suddenly my whole being became alive and awake.  I felt a surge of supernatural power enter my being and immediately my spirit man felt ignited.  My surroundings became vibrant and the colours of the flowers in the field suddenly became alive.

The only way to describe it, is that it felt like a divine illumination was taking place.

Suddenly my ears were opened and I could hear a gentle whisper that was carried in the wind, my mind became fully illuminated with divine ideas.  My eyes could see way beyond the hills on the horizon.  I could see the sky that was robed in a deep royal blue and crimson red.

All my senses intensified and I could feel the soft soil beneath my feet that seemed to move and vibrate.  As far as my eyes could see, all of creation was alive with the Glory of Heaven.  I felt a supernatural strengthening and a divine empowerment come upon me.  I wanted to run.  I wanted to sing.  I wanted to dance.

Then the angel gently touched my forehead, and a golden oil began to run down my face and into my mouth.  As the oil flowed forth from his hand, I began to speak and I could see fiery arrows go forth from my mouth as the words rolled off my tongue.  Each fiery arrow seemed to penetrate the atmosphere around about me.

Then suddenly the angel left me and I came out of the spirit encounter.

I submit;  This is not only a season of divine visitations, but the hour of divine habitation.

Watch!  For ancient wells are now being opened, wells of awakening are being uncovered and rediscovered.  Angels carrying vessels of increase are now being deployed to the sons and daughters of God.

Wells of living waters are beginning to flow forth in greater power and precision.  A fresh oil of His fiery anointing is filling the mouths of gods people.

Our words will become fiery arrows that will penetrate the hardest of hearts and illuminate the darkness that has veiled the eyes of many.  Our spirit beings will become fully ignited and empowered by the glory of his divine presence.

Our senses will suddenly come alive giving us access to taste and see of His goodness, His bounty and His beauty that surrounds us.

Many in this season will be taken into greater depths and new dimensions of supernatural revelation, wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  This is for the purpose of divine restoration, reformation and revival that is now beginning to take place across the nations of the earth.

I Decree;   We are being made ready to receive angels carrying vessels of increase.  Watch with expectation and anticipation, for there is a new day dawning upon the earth for the sons and daughters of God.

Arise, shine, for His Glory has risen upon you!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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