He Fights for You in This Hour!

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He Fights for You in This Hour!

WATCH!  For that which has hindered, drained and stifled your momentum is now suddenly being uprooted and removed, SEE AND PAY ATTENTION!

There is a clear pathway now forming in front of you, a pathway that leads to fruitfulness, expansion and Increase.

The Spirit of God is equipping and empowering you in this hour to Stand and be Strong in the midst of confusion, chaos and heated conflict, even now there is a battle that rages in the heavenlies on your behalf, BUT FEAR NOT, BE CONFIDENT AND BE ASSURED of the Power in His Blood that has overcome every demonic assignment and onslaught on your behalf.

He Fights for You in This Hour!

Look up and use what is in your hand.  He has given you weapons to war and to win.

Now take hold of His Peace and His Salvation.  Take hold of His Righteousness and His Faith.  Let His Spirit and His Truth guide and direct you.

I Prophesy:   You are Standing in His Victory in this hour.

Hope is rising,  Faith is rising.  VICTORY is yours.

I Prophesy:   It’s a new day and a new dawn for the faithful and fearless Warriors of God.

Now I see the finger God begin to stretch you beyond your comfort zone, taking you beyond the borders of the familiarity and safety.  Man made moulds are breaking.


He is enlarging you, expanding you, increasing you and preparing you for this appointed time and season, you are being reset and re-calibrated for these are indeed set times, times of watching and waiting.

Heaven is about to move, shift and shake, for He is making way for a new day.

WATCH!  There is a release of the greater power of His presence.

I Prophesy:   His promises are now being made manifest upon the earth.  Are you ready?  For the Suddenlies and great Shiftings of God have begun to sweep across the nations like Wild Fires as the cries of repentance go forth.

Be Expectant!  For there shall be a display of God’s Glory that has never been seen on earth before now!

A Season of Abundant Harvest

Listen!  The ground is fertile and the seeds that you have faithfully sown in the last season will NOW SUDDENLY AND QUICKLY COME FORTH, THE SEASON OF ABUNDANT HARVEST is upon us.

The HAND of God is now moving with greater Acceleration and Momentum UPON THE EARTH, I SEE A SUPERNATURAL SHIFT taking place in the heavenlies, KEEP WATCHING this is the hour of manifest miracles, signs and wonders, I HEAR THE SOUND OF A GREAT VICTORY SHOUT RISING UP in the midst of you.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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He Fights for You in This Hour! — 5 Comments

  1. Hallelujah !!!! Thank you Veronika, for sharing his Awesome Words, which Resonates within. Glory to God, I feel this. This is Confirmation spoke unto me. Hallelujah !!!! Victory is mine, I decree it. Is mine. Hallelujah. Yes, God, Is Fighting For Me. The battle is his. I am an overcomer, he always causes me to triumph in him. Glory !! I am Victorious in him. The second word of the Abundances, is also Confirmation spoken to me. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I in Expectations, Great Expectations, for he has Spoken it to me, the other day, Yes it shall manifest into y life, all promises, Glory to God, all that has been stolen is being returned unto me. This is my set time for Suddenlies.
    This is my Harvest Time, year of Abundance, the Lord’s release. I receive it.
    Thank you Father, as my eyes are steadfast on you. Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus. Glory and honor to You Lord, do whatever You have to do in my life.
    I know for a fact that Jesus is very well able to heal mourning and He did tell me He is going to heal my physical pain as well. When I started to read this article, I could taste the words of the Lord and know that these are true and healthy and nourishing and refreshing more than anything!
    I dreamed that I was joining a group of people who were snowboarding, they took me in on their way. As we continued surfing, we met others we took in. Indeed a dream of unity.
    What is in my hands? In my young age, I was told that I am born to bless, what an awesome assignment :-) God bless you all with His good and healthy words. Lucia Ludvigsen

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