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He Fights for You in This Hour! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus. Glory and honor to You Lord, do whatever You have to do in my life.
    I know for a fact that Jesus is very well able to heal mourning and He did tell me He is going to heal my physical pain as well. When I started to read this article, I could taste the words of the Lord and know that these are true and healthy and nourishing and refreshing more than anything!
    I dreamed that I was joining a group of people who were snowboarding, they took me in on their way. As we continued surfing, we met others we took in. Indeed a dream of unity.
    What is in my hands? In my young age, I was told that I am born to bless, what an awesome assignment :-) God bless you all with His good and healthy words. Lucia Ludvigsen

  2. Hallelujah !!!! Thank you Veronika, for sharing his Awesome Words, which Resonates within. Glory to God, I feel this. This is Confirmation spoke unto me. Hallelujah !!!! Victory is mine, I decree it. Is mine. Hallelujah. Yes, God, Is Fighting For Me. The battle is his. I am an overcomer, he always causes me to triumph in him. Glory !! I am Victorious in him. The second word of the Abundances, is also Confirmation spoken to me. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I in Expectations, Great Expectations, for he has Spoken it to me, the other day, Yes it shall manifest into y life, all promises, Glory to God, all that has been stolen is being returned unto me. This is my set time for Suddenlies.
    This is my Harvest Time, year of Abundance, the Lord’s release. I receive it.
    Thank you Father, as my eyes are steadfast on you. Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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