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He is Granting You Relief — 7 Comments

  1. I asking for prayer for my son to be delivered from depression and deliverance from a ungodly-
    Soul -tie a 10 year toxic relationship with the mother of his 3 children he has been to jail many
    Time just got out 2-3-20 she has filed for a restraining order against him when he not with her
    He goes into depression he also suffer from PTSD I hate to see him hurting praying for the
    Young lady also and my grandkids Lord you are the only one that can fix this Thanks

  2. I am asking for prayer for my 29 year daughter that all fear, anxiety unworthiness will be broken in Jesus name and that she will serve God love Him so much to be her stronghold and her husband also.
    And also the Spirit of glutbey will go to hell .
    And for me more strength and more of God in me and that God al mighty continue to use me even greater for Souks and more in the healing gift and more souls for his kingdom and Mons health and my husband and that we will
    Be made whole that I also can lose weight heal and my daughter her husband and my husband get fired up for Gid like never before and our kids
    God bless you Amen .. sorry for typos

  3. WOW, that word sounds so good. But when does the relief come? Surely God granted us victory and relief but when? The wait is and has been soooo long, forever, since I answered God’s call. I’m so so hoping God will move very soon to deliver me from all the pain and suffering. God bless you all

  4. Glory To Our Lord God on High!
    Blessed Be Your Holy Name!
    Our Yeshua, Our Jehovah Saboath,
    Our Warrior DaddyGod who Fights For us!
    We Love You So!
    Our Abba Father!
    Our Lord Jesus!
    Our Holy Spirit!

    • Thank you for this encouraging word. I too am waiting for this relief to come. Having to face get more surgery. Come Lord Jesus!

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