He Is Releasing a Strength to His People!


Glory to God!

I hear the Father saying that He is releasing a strength to His People that they have not known, as He brings a hope within them of Christ Jesus the hope of Glory, causing His people to be stirred in great noise as bees humming and coming together as an army of the Most High, to defeat the powers of darkness, and crush the enemy under their feet, as souls are set free by the anointing of the Spirit of the LORD God!

God says you are not going back to Egypt.  There is a transition in this hour, as His people left with the treasures from Egypt.

You too will come forth with the treasures that will be given unto God and dedicated to His house, as souls come out of darkness into His marvelous light!

The enemy thought he had people going to hell and God has marked them in this hour to come to know Jesus the Christ and the power of the Age to Come by Holy Spirit!

God says that many will be surprised who comes to the LORD, the least likely and the most unexpected.

They will have a platform to pronounce the Name Jesus Christ, revealing the nature of the Father and His marvelous love and being a voice to cry out for many to come out of the wilderness!

I keep hearing,  “Your sons and daughters will come from afar,”  as He brings them into great healing and deliverance, causing them to be set free in a moment to know the power of God and His love for them!

Amen and Amen!


A saint crying out to God for fullness of deliverance and the manifestation of salvation.
~ Robin Kirby Gatto

Robin Kirby-GattoRobin Kirby-Gatto operates in the prophetic, bringing the testimony of Jesus into the earth through the scripture Revelation 19:10 “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  Robin walks in God’s Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding and is brought into areas to bring a revelation of God’s Truth, The Word as the Holy Spirit brings forth God’s anointing into her ministry.

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