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He is Watching Over Our Words — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you servant of the Lord for your faithfulness in delivering the word the LORD. May the LORD restore health unto you and may he make you whole. May the Lord remember you like Hezekiah and add many more years to you for all you have done for his kingdom. Grace upon Grace to you

    • Julie, I am very grateful for you kind words and I am in agreement with your Hezekiah prayer for the addition of many years. Great grace to you as well! Sandi

  2. What a blessing to read and declare boldly in faith with you these statements, Sandi!

    Amen to our words being powerful. I can identify with your testimony at the first.

    The Lord is and will see us through all things! Love you sister

    • Thanks so much for you agreement, Joyce, He is seeing us through. Victory is ours.In fact, as U declared those words over myself and a couple of others today, I heard clearly it is finished! The presence of the Lord brought joy and laughter. Then I got an email from someone who follows me here that I don’t know or have never met her til today. She said the Healing Angel is at the Door. WHoo hoo! He is here! I prayed her words over myself and two others and I say SO BE IT> Our words speaking His words are full of POWER! Love you much my sister, Sandi

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