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He Makes His Angels Winds, His Servants Flames of Fire — 3 Comments

  1. Wow ELAINE.. AMAZING in the flow of a SECOND WIND… Even started to get back into personal bible study. There are some distractions, but I prefer to keep FORWARDS

  2. Wow! I just got my second wind in reading this.

    I feel weepy as I did last night when something beautiful transpired through Holy Spirit. Wow! i’m not complaining even if I don’t sleep at all. I should have believed God when He told me so. Forgive me Lord. It definitely is a new day!

    Thank you so much for this post. It stirs me up all over again. God is so good! Praise be to Holy Trinity! I love You so much!!! We are surely about to see Revival soon! I’m already starting to be revives as are most of you on here if not all of you.

    All I can say is “Wow!” There is nothing like the presence of Holy Spirit manifesting and pointing to Jesus and reminding us of God the Father, Yahweh!

    I have waited for these days to come upon us and if this is the beginning, I cannot even imagine what God has reserved for us during the total outpouring of Holy Spirit combined with Jesus Christ speaking and Yahweh, our loving Father all speaking in their own unique way in one accord as One God in three persons/spirits and communing with the Bride of Christ either saved or about to be saved and totally surrendered to Holy Trinity.

    The anointing is upon me once more. Praise be to God Almighty! Have Your way, Holy Spirit. It may seem that I’m drawing attention to myself. That is not the case. I’m simply flowing right now with Holy Spirit. Thank you for your post. It truly blessed me.

  3. Solid word God is on the move He is looking for the Joshua s and Caleb s those without a slave mentality those who hunger after freedom those that embrace prosperity as the goodness of God. This is not a well known fact Caleb was not a Jew for all those who would try t o twist this and steal the promise by saying this was for the Jew s only!

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