He WILL Finish the Work


Many have gone through their wilderness; we’re in the final stage of preparing for the things God has chosen for us to do.  So many really did not know, that even years back, He had set things in motion in us, that would bring us to exactly where we are today.  For those who are not spiritual, that is hard to grasp.  The idea that God let us go through some very dark places, failures we don’t even like to think about and even through some deep valleys of disbelief, offends those who have no true understanding.  They say that Jesus, didn’t follow you there.

We need to cut through some folks lack of knowledge and true study of His Word.  Once more, let us proclaim, that Jesus said, He would never leave us, once we became one of His.  And we are here to testify, that if He had not been with us as He promised, we would have ceased to walk this earth, many years ago.  To be sure, if any of us had known way back down the road, just what was in store for us in the days ahead of us, we would have fainted dead out then.  It “ouches” many who say they believe, that Paul, was called from his mothers womb, to do the work that he did.

The work is not finished in some of us.  We must go forward with what we have; but, be aware that some of our training is not yet completed.  It’s necessary to stop and say, that everyone of us who were truly filled with the Spirit, were to go on into the fullness of Christ.  The entire body of Christ, was to move forward, until that was done.  Somebody, hindered that.  No one can tell me, that the desire to do just that, was not among us at one time.  You can’t really know Him, without a longing, to know more about Him.

Playing and shuffling with the order God set in the church, has thwarted the fullness many of us were supposed to have by now.  We must go back, read further on, about those ministries, God set in the church; what they were for, and what they were meant to accomplish.  The body of Christ, was meant to reach a fullness, in Him; a unity of the faith, we could have obtained, but didn’t. I do think we will.  Why?  Because that was His plan, and it still is.

You know, it takes heat, to iron out wrinkles.  The iron, just got hotter.

Just when I thought I had gotten to the place, that the Spirit could use me much better, a surprise came.  I got the biggest working over I had ever encountered.  We used to boast about being tried in the fire; about coming forth as gold.  Not this one; not anymore.

I hear some say things like, “come on devil, I’m ready for you; just bring it on.”  That is very foolish to me.  Yes we have power over him, and yes we can do all things through Christ, and yes we are not to live in fear.  But if we get cocky, we underestimate the foe.

I heard a renown minister say recently, that everyone of us has a weak point.  He said that we need to know exactly where it is and what it is, and that we need to constantly keep it covered with prayer.  And he was right.  The enemy, knows exactly where it is, and he has learned just how to work on it.  Some people know it too.  He and them, want to stop the work that was begun in you, from being completed.  The best way to go forward, and to let Him finish this work, is to kneel at the feet of Jesus; and don’t get up.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. Robert
    Thank you for this compassionate message. This has been helpful for me at this time.