Healing Will Spring Forth!

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Healing Will Spring Forth!

The Holy Spirit says “Healing will spring forth!”  An outpouring of His Spirit to cause wellness and a refreshing to those dry and thirsty.

The Holy Spirit says, now is not the season to become complacent and withdrawn.

“Those who seek Me will find Me and those who love Me I will reveal myself to them.”

Remove from the shoreline, deep calls to deep , deeper place of intimacy.

Come Away with ME!

Father says “Come away with me child, it is time that you come to My secret place, the high places where I can speak with you and show you of things to come.

You ask, “How can this be?”  Put away the distractions, the cares of life and call on Me. In our times together I will reveal all these things to you,  even as you arise early and sing unto me in worship.”

Father says, “Come up higher, let ME show you things to come.  Let Me show you the destruction of the wicked and the end of all things.

Come, let Me show you your future and the future of My called ones.

Come up hither, let Me show you My glory.  For you will not see things at this level.

Come to My Holy Hill, My Secret Place.  The place where fowls cannot trod and where the lion whelps cannot go.

Come to My mountain, be changed, transcended, transfigured.

I AM calling My children to sit with Me, learn of Me.  I will open prophetic scrolls and reveal secret things once hidden from the wise and reveal to babes and sucklings.

I want to reveal to you every intricate detail, manuscript and blueprint and show the way.

I want to give them counsel and impart wisdom, knowledge this world cannot give.

I want to open their eyes to the dark sayings and unfold mysteries of the deep, even treasures of dark and secret places.

I want to open their eyes to the TRUTH of WHO I AM!

No more controversies and debates but by REVELATION they will know. ”  says the Spirit of the Living God.


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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