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Heaven is Full of Children — 4 Comments

  1. Your post was beautiful! I loved reading & learning about babies in heaven. I was only 3 months pregnant when I lost a baby because of RH factor. Now my husband is in heaven enjoying him/her.

  2. May God open the eyes of the church so that the church may realise her error in supporting political leaders who advance the abortion agenda. May God strengthen the church to take a bold stand-in words and deeds- against abortion. May the church of God not tire to take up godly weapons, as apposed to carnal, to tackle the evil of abortion.

  3. Father, thank you that as we repent of our sins, that you will forgive us of our sins… & In the Midst of Judgement- please don’t forget about mercy! Thank You Lord- I am forever Grateful

  4. Hi Mena,

    We must stand for life no matter circumstances and separate our selves from anything that is in agreement with the ‘spirit of sin and death’. This means that I cannot be in agreement with that there exist any ‘chronic dissease’ or that someone cannot be at least ‘better’ or even be complete healed despite how bad the present circumstances looks like.

    We must separate ourselves from books, criminal novels and other in our eyes
    ‘innocent’ things because one cannot be in agreement with the spirit of life and at the same time find plesaure where death (apart from natural circumstances ) any form exists in any form.

    The common human today is filled with the spirit of death, that is why you can see the same people who the one moment express great(?) sorrow over killings and sickness the next second find pleasure in horror and criminal novels etc. and they are not aware of their own dual nature.
    This is why this last and fourth quarter on God’s clock (before 00:00) is ruled by the spirit of death (Rev6:8) and why hell follows this because something more hellish than this enjoyment in death disquised in love and care is hard to find.

    “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. 1Cor.15:26

    “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death (separated from anything that is in agreement with sin,sickness or death in any form) Rom 8:2

    Greetings and blessings from sweden.

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