He’s not finished with YOU Yet!


I know there are those out there that think God won’t use you anymore.  Somebody told you it was over; that there is no way God could use you again.  Maybe it’s because you’ve grown older, or had too much sickness, or you’ve failed one too many times.  I want to say, that in my years growing up in the church and traveling across the country, we’ve had some of the most gifted and talented people that any group or assembly would ever want to have.  There were those who had an anointing, that many others did not have; true chosen vessels.

Before we ever were able to go to Bible school or to music school, we had some of the greatest talent, the best musicians and singers and some of the best ministers and teachers that anyone would ever hear.  People came from all over the place, in every town, just to hear us sing and play music.  We had music and singing that no one else had.  It drew folks before they ever heard one word preached; there was an anointing on it, that they could not find anywhere else.  Whether it was slow and deeply worshipful, or foot patting, hand-clapping gospel, it moved people.  It was beautiful and God loved it more than anyone else did.  Because we sang in the Spirit.

Ministers have failed.  Sunday School teachers have slipped.  People who sang in the Holy Ghost, fell somehow.  Some of the most gifted, anointed choir directors, piano players and organists, left, and never returned.  We lost some priceless people; people who had worked in the altars, were used by the Spirit to speak edification to the church and who even walked the streets to invite people to church.  They led jail services and even were seen in street meetings.  How do I know that.  Because I was there; and if I can say it humbly, I was one of them.  You know, I think one of the most hurtful experiences a soul can have, is to somehow get lost, and nobody even comes to look for you.  Most people do not fail, intentionally.

Many people think they’re all washed up, because somebody told them they were.  Someone preached, that there was no return.  Unless we were to blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, whoever preached that, was wrong.  To let people lose their way, and never search for them, is against everything Jesus Christ taught when He was here.  So, He went in search of those lost sheep Himself.  Since most of those places did not restore people, He did.  You see, the truth is, He never lost sight of them.  He followed them every where they went; He had angels guarding them many times, when those injured and lost souls, didn’t even know they were there.  Contrary to what many still project, the Lord, still knoweth them that are His.

There’s a call going out in this hour; a message for every last one of those who lost their way.  God is not finished with you.  The Spirit invested too much time in you, taught you too many things, loves you far too much, to see you discarded forever on the trash pile of life.  What you’ve gone through, can help you reach others who think it’s over for them.  Nobody knows everything God is going to do in these last days.  Know this. It no longer matters what people say about you; they do not even know you today.  What is most important of all, is what God, thinks and knows about you.  He can use you to heal others; you’ll understand, when the others won’t even try.  I say, stir up the gifts you were given.  God will have the last word.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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