Hidden Anger – Part 2


OKAY!  Part 2!

By now I’m sure I’ve lost a few people with this specific writing thread!  After all!!  Who wants to read about their anger?

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Some people simply like to be in control and live in a tunnel vision existence, choosing to deny God the permission to clean up their hearts, attitudes, and grudges.

Anger is the coddled “right to bad behavior” and they dig their heels in, to fight off conviction that leads to humility and then (!GASP!) repentance.

Because we are part of the broken world, we also can sadly express our anger at “true wrongs” in the wrong way.

We blow up.  We get irritated.  We gossip.  We complain.  We shut down and blow things off.  We get even.  We become embittered, cynical, hostile.  We pretend we didn’t do anything to hurt others.

Something really wrong happened … and we become really wrong in reaction.

Because your wrong anger has to do with your relationship with God, you can’t deal with it by learning a few strategies or techniques.

Wrong anger creates a big problem between you and God.  He doesn’t like it when upstarts who try to take over His universe.

Your anger is not just about you and all the frustrating things that happen to you. It’s not just about you and your cranky, oppositional personality.

And it’s not just about you and all the unreasonable people in your life. It’s about you, those frustrating circumstances, all those unreasonable people … and the living God.

It’s about you acting like you are in charge of God’s world and other people.  But God is in charge.

What’s behind your wrong anger?

Your wrong reaction to life reveals that you are living as if you are in charge of the world and believe you have the right to be unkind, dismissive, expect payback and snide to the people around you and, disrespect the way God is running the world.

Think about when you get angry.  Aren’t you insisting, “My will be done; MY kingdom come”?

And when things don’t go your way, don’t you judge those (including God) who are not doing what you want, as if you were God?

You aren’t, but when you are angry, you often act as if you were.

Acting as if you are God — pride — is the beating heart of what it means to be a sinner.

This insight into anger is hugely freeing, and very sobering.  Anger going wrong exposes pride.

When you see yourself as a sinner — instead of focusing on how everyone around you is wrong — then God’s grace and mercy is available to you.

God’s mercy is for those who honestly confess their sins to Him and ask for the grace to change.

That’s how James 4 continues: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble,” (James 4:6).

God’s mercy brings life to you. If you struggle with bitterness, if you grumble, snap at people, if you yell and argue, then you need God’s mercy.

You will receive mercy and help when you confess to God your struggle with trying to control everything.

God’s just anger toward sinners like you was poured out on his Son on the cross.

Because Jesus died, you can be forgiven and have a whole new life.

When you honestly confess your sins to God and ask Him to forgive you for Jesus’ sake, you will receive forgiveness and the gift of God’s Spirit.

The Spirit will give you the power to express your anger, not your way, but God’s way.

Godly anger constructively engages what is wrong in a way that is patient, merciful, forgiving, and honest in tackling what needs tackling.

Our sinful anger causes hurt, destruction, and alienation.  Godly anger becomes an instrument in God’s hands to make this bad world better.

God’s anger is redemptive.  How does God respond when something important in His world is wrong?

He responds sending His very own Son to this broken world to be broken on the cross.

He sacrificed Christ so that His people can be forgiven, transformed, and restored to a right relationship with Him and with others.

Your anger can also result in redemption.  When you come to God and find forgiveness for Jesus’ sake, you will be filled with God’s Spirit.

Then it will be possible for you also to respond redemptively when you are angry.  What matters to God will matter to you.

Being filled with the Spirit means that everything about you will start to resemble God. Instead of responding with sinful anger to unimportant things, you will start to see your life from God’s perspective.

You will begin to care about things that truly matter, instead of reacting to relatively unimportant things.

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In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

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