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  1. How good that the authors of the psalms and all the Holy Scriptures stood NOT under the manipulations of of men- and women-made worldly doctrines and theories.
    How good that the Holy Bible, inspired through the Holy God and His Holy Spirit, reminded and reminds all believers to what is right and what is wrong. No other books are needed.
    LORD please protect this last generation from all the increasing arrogant and oppressive “psycho-logic” books and methods of the cabbal-income-outcome theories.
    They have no knowledge of Your system, LORD. They want to rule, but without love. They “love” to analyze brothers and sisters through secular standards. If they knew the Holy Bible, they would better go to their knees and be quiet, and then go to the neighbour’s house and do them GOOD.
    There is a holy anger from GOD throughout the Holy Bible. Some will never stop writing religious books, mixed with philosophy and other “logies”. LORD HAVE MERCY and take away the veils and scales.
    PLEASE show those who think so high about themselves, how naked they are in front of You.
    And please, show them how some of Your saints have extraordinary suffered for them, that they may turn away from their worldly brainwashed and prideful thinking.

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