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His Glory Is Soon Descending! — 5 Comments

  1. Woohoo! Pause the Lord and thank You, JESUS!
    My Sister, about 6 weeks ago, the Lord told me to start walking and driving around the area I live. MY second time out, one of the things that The Holy Spirit had me say, was to: “Call down the GLORY!”
    I didn’t even KNOW what that meant!!
    (But I was obedient, of course, and continued praying and declaring and breaking strongholds, etc.) But I went home and looked up every Scripture, in the Old Testament, that contained, “Glory!”
    I’m still not sure what it means, exactly, but I’m still praying to, “Call down His GLORY!”
    I am so grateful that You choose to speak with me, precious Lord. I am not worthy of Your presence ~ but I am SO thankful

    • Thank you so much Lisa for sharing how this confirmed what the LORD was speaking to you. And YOUR message to me from the LORD about His Glory descending. I took cue and went about my neighborhood, doing just what you did! His Glory is His Power, Presence and Goodness..❤️Gabrielle

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